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    Movie FX

    Movie FX is a DVD magazine devoted to special effects. but the DVD also includes some trailers, sometimes pretty rare trailers.

    Here is a list of the Movie FX already out.

    They have a website :

    Region 0

    Movie FX 1(all on 1.85:1)
    Hollow Man (1'49)
    X-Men (2'30)
    Dinosaur Teaser (4'58)
    Gone in 60 seconds (2'15)
    Shadow of the vampire (0'48)

    Movie FX 2(all on 1.85:1 with some exceptions)
    The Sixth Day (1mn 50s)
    Charlie's Angels (2mn 30s)
    Godzilla 2000 (1mn 32s)
    Hannibal (Teaser) (1mn 02s)
    The cell (full screen) (2mn 28s)
    Unbreakable (2mn 17s)
    Under Suspicion (full screen) (2mn 17s)
    Blair Witch 2 (1mn 30s)
    Shaft (1mn 11s)
    Red Planet (1mn 42s)
    The Grinch (2mn 21s)
    The Night before Christmas (full screen) (1mn 28s)
    Lost Souls (full screen) (1mn 59s)
    Pearl Harbor (2mn 00s)
    The Exorcist, Director's Cut (1mn 59s)

    Movie FX 3(all on 1.85:1)
    Atlantis, the lost empire (1'15)
    Final Fantasy (1'39)
    Lord of the Rings (1'47)
    Pearl Harbor (3')
    Planet of the Apes (2001) (0'59)

    Movie FX 4(all on 1.85:1)
    Spider-Man Teaser (World trade center) (1'56)
    Blade II teaser (38'')
    Rollerball (2'29)
    Time Machine (2'22)
    Lord of the rings, felloship of the ring (2'27)
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2'15)

    Movie FX 5(all on 1.85:1 with some exceptions)
    Halloween resurrection (full screen) (2mn 18s)
    Die Another Day (teaser) (1mn 02s)
    Spy Kids 2 (full screen) (2mn 03s)
    Men in Black 2 (1mn 57s)
    Goldmember (2.35:1 aspect ratio) (2mn 30s)
    Stuart Little 2 (full screen) (1mn 11s)
    Hulk (teaser) (1mn 03s)
    xXx (1mn 24s)
    Jason X (full screen) (1mn 54s)
    Minority report (2mn 01s)
    Attack of the Clones (2mn 06s)
    Attack of the Clones (2mn 22s) (hidden feature)
    Attack of the Clones (1mn 10s) (hidden feature)

    Movie FX 6(all on 1.85:1)
    Die another Day (2'22)
    Charlie's Angels 2 1st trailer (2'04)
    Daredevil teaser (0'52)
    Daredevil trailer (1'48)
    Matrix Reloaded (1'22)
    Terminator 3 Teaser (1'10)
    Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (2'05)
    Lord of the Rings, the two towers (3'06)
    Star trek nemesis Trailer (2'04)
    The Dreamcatcher (2'31)
    X-Men 2 (1'47)
    Men in Black II (2'07)
    The Transporter (1'28)
    Darkness falls (2')
    I Spy (2'26)
    Bad Boys 2 (2'13)

    Movie FX Issue 7(all on 1.85:1)
    The Punisher Teaser (0'33)
    Freddy VS Jason (1'04)
    Jeepers Creepers 2 (2'10)
    The Animatrix (4'31)
    Underworld (1'29)
    The Last Samurai (1'14)
    Tomb Raider 2 (2'26)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (2'24)
    LXG (1'04)
    The Mummy (animated movie) (1'00)
    Matchstick Men (2'24)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) (2'12)
    Alien (Director's Cut) (1'42)

    Movie FX 8
    (all on 1.85:1)
    The Punisher (1mn49s)
    Chronicles of Riddick (1mn33s)
    Dawn of the dead (2mn30s)(not on the Unrated DVD)
    Resident Evil 2 Teaser (1mn22s)
    Hellboy (2mn30s)
    Spider-Man II (2mn08s)
    Shrek 2 (2mn08s)
    Aliens Vs Predator Teaser (1mn01s)
    The Incredibles Teaser (1mn58s)
    50 first dates (2mn30s)

    Movie FX 9
    Alien VS Predator Trailer 2 US (2mn22s, 1.85:1)
    I, robot (2mn30s, 1.85:1)
    Thunderbirds (1mn56s, 1.85:1)
    Spider-Man 2 (2mn35s, 1.85:1)
    The Revenge of the Mummy: the ride (2mn56, 2.35:1)
    Blade III (1mn25s, 2.35:1)
    Constantine (1mn00s, 2.35:1)
    Exorcist: the beginning (2mn20s, 1.85:1)
    Catwoman (1mn56s, 2.35:1)
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