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    Movie List cited in Finding Neverland Commercial

    So last night I'm watching Leno and I see a new Valentine's Day themed commercial for "Finding Neverland." This commercial promoted the romance side of the film.

    Well, they're rattling off all these "great love story" and "Johnny Depp has never been more charming quotes when they finally get to "It's the feel good movie of the year" mind you, I wasn't really paying much attention, and the name was on screen for maybe a half a second...but I'm almost positive it cited "Dean Kish from Movie List." I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know if Movie List has gotten national exposure like that before...Dean's all over the web so it wouldn't surprise me if he's been named in a commercial prior to this.

    I tried looking for the commerical online but didn't have much luck. (I tried using Yahoo!'s new video had one result! )

    Anyway...thought it was pretty cool to see "Movie List" on national TV.

    Here's a link to a movie industry blog that refers to the ad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enkydu
    I tried looking for the commerical online but didn't have much luck.
    I have that TV spot, I can put it up later this afternoon after I transfer it to the comp. Google's video search is also in it's infancy but you can now search closed captioning of recently aired TV programs in some cases.

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    Nice find! I'm lucky you caught this... and we're lucky that I tivo Leno every night!! Very exciting... here ya go!!
    Note: Movie-List logo at opening added by me. (I figured I better clarify that, bender asked lol)

    Finding Neverland tv spot

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    Cool, thanks. Yours is better than I could have done b/c I don't have a QT encoder - I just use the free windows media one.

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    Just saw this spot not more then 10 min. ago on CBS-2 here in New York. Guess we'll be seeing more of this. Maybe on the DVD as well?


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