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    Trailer Awards 2013 - Send us your nominees

    It's back!

    We're currently compiling a list of nominees for the return of the Movie-List Trailer Awards!

    We need your thoughts on the following categories:

    ▪ Best Action/Sci-Fi
    ▪ Best Animated
    ▪ Best Comedy
    ▪ Best Drama
    ▪ Best Horror
    ▪ Best Use of Music

    ▪ Best Overall Teaser
    ▪ Best Overall Trailer

    ▪ People's Choice
    (most popular/favorited trailers - voted on by the public in January)

    Post your favorites. Nominees will be finalized this month and the awards will take place at the end of January.

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    I'd say some of my favorite trailers this year have been:

    Anchorman (comedy)
    Captain Phillips (drama)
    The Conjuring (horror)
    Evil Dead (horror)
    Insidious 2 (horror)
    Man of Steel (music in any of the trailers except trailer #1 or action/sci-fi or even horror for the last trailer haha)
    Rush (music use in Trailer #1 or drama)
    We're The Millers (comedy)

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