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    Which Movies I Can Share


    I am new here on this forum. I like to watch movies and love to share about

    movies. I want to know that what type of movies i can share here on this forum?

    I mean Hollywood movies Bollywood movies or whatever i want to ask or share?

    please tell me so that i can obey the rules.

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    Hi and welcome to M-L

    First off, I just want to clarify that this forum is open to anything regarding movies, trailers, and general topics either they be International or local. Feel free to look around the various threads to get a feel.
    Now, in respect to "Sharing Movies", if you are making reference to bootlegs or Rip's of entire movies, this is not the place to be.
    We share Trailers, Pictures, Thoughts and Opinions on anything and everything, but illegal content or copyright infringement of any kind is strictly forbidden.
    This said, feel free to contibute as we appreciate active member participattion.
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    Thanks to guide me, actually i am also not going to share movies here
    its my mistake that i didn't explained. In fact i want to share stories
    or trailers. & further i assure you that i won't break the rules and i won't
    share illegal content or copyright infringement of any kind or like that.

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    Actually, you can share movies on this site... provided the movies legally allow sharing.

    Here is an example of a movie you can legally share:

    Valkaama -

    Finally done... We are proud to release the final version of Valkaama with Michael Georgi's music score. You can download your copy here.

    It was a long and stony road to get this movie done and still we are giving it away for free: Valkaama becomes one of the few full-length movies which are licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses.

    Even more... with the Open Source approach and the usage of the Creative Commons by-sa 3.0 license for the movie and its source material, Valkaama entered almost completely new terrain. We hope to give a positive example so that more "Open" or "Free" movies will follow and that there will be more and more source material available under free content licenses.
    I have downloaded it, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, so I don't know how good it is. But it is a full-length movie that is free for anyone to download.

    However, this movie is the exception, not the rule. Most movies don't like you sharing them.
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