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Thread: Irréversible

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    lol i feel sorry for the guy oh will any ways nope not distrurbing to me i seen better

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    i finally saw irrévesible on dvd and i must admit that i really liked this film. the actors made this so muc believeable and the camerawork had a real dokumentary touch that it felt allmost real. on the dvd was also a 7min look behind the vfx from the movie and hell i was fouled. i thoughed this film was shot with a dv cam but i was wrong. most scene were shot on real 35mm film and later this dv look was added. also the vfx are very good. the fireestingusherscene is just beautyful (in terms of vfx). the only real problem i had with this film was the stupid circling of the camera. i hate those kinda techniques mkaes go

    anyway, for any upcomming or wannabe filmmaker i highly recommend this film for studying.

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