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    Contest for the movie Babylon A.D.

    MNP Entreprise, one of Babylon A.D.'s production companies, offers the unique possibility of being featured in the movie and being mentioned in the credits. All it takes is a ten second clip of a futuristic ad or news tidbit sent to the company and it might be your ticket to the Big Screen.

    For more infos check out this:


    Bad contest

    Mathieu and all the post-production team are working on BABYLON AD as I am typing these lines. BABYLON AD or BAD as we call it, is an adventure set in a close future, starring Vin Diesel, Melanie Thierry, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Strong, Gérard Depardieu, Lambert Wilson, Charlotte Rampling ... and many more.

    Mathieu's goal is to enhance the authenticity of this film by adding futuristic and innovative ads and fake news footage. We will integrate them, throughout the film on various screens : futuristic TVs, personal tablets, vehicles and especially on a huge scale, on the sides of New York buildings. That is why he though he should launch this contest to give a chance to anyone who wishes to show their vision of the future.

    Wether you are a director, a designer willing to present a prototype or even a brand wishing to show it's futuristic products, this contest is for you !

    The deadline it September 30th, 2007 !!

    To submit your film :

    1. By mail at this address : [email protected] with a 4Mo video file max attached.
    Please add in your mail, your full name, adress, phone number and e-mail address.

    2. By DVD with: your full name, adresse, phone number and e-mail address, sent at this address:

    MNP Entreprise
    Concours BAD-video-contest
    18/20 rue du Fbg du templs
    75011 Paris

    All film will have to be available in an HD format (1920x1080pixel).

    Please visit the discussion board for any questions :

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    I actually hate spammers, but this is pretty cool oportunity. too bad I dont have HD CAM
    Me angry! Where´s my food!

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