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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithrandir01 View Post
    Once again you can see that "without going over" make no sense. jacques1400 was only 0.3 k from the perfect score. This is almost perfect prediction. There's no game in this world, where predictions a little bigger than actuals are worse than prediction much more inadequate, but "without going over".

    Anyway, congratulations to all winners!
    Quote Originally Posted by jacques1400 View Post
    That's OK, I just play for the fun of it, and to see how close or far I can get.
    But I do have to agree, we don't have a lot of players so winning can easily be achieved by lowballing your prediction on purpose, rather than actually "Predicting" the outcome.

    Congrats to the winners......

    I have changed the rules to the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Predict Box Office.

    The 5 players with the closest predictions will win the 5 prizes.

    No more going over, under, side by side, front and back, who's on top, who's on the bottom, who's first, who's last, etc etc.

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    Moved from Minas Tirith!!! Direction of my new path is not so clear, but I think I'm on the way to MY SHIRE
    Quote Originally Posted by j7wild View Post
    who's on top, who's on the bottom, who's first, who's last
    Who will finish, who cannot...


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    Thanks and congrats to the other winners!

    And I'm glad the rules changed for Pirates. I was pretty far off on this one but because I didn't go over and there weren't many players I still got 5th place... It just doesn't seem right...

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