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(greenlight theatrical / intention media) Release Date: November 14, 2008 Director: Joshua Tickell Writer: Johnny O'Hara Cast: George W. Bush, Sheryl Crow, Larry David, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Larry Hagman, Woody Harrelson, Robert Kennedy Jr., Willie Nelson, Ronald Reagan, Julia Roberts Plot: Record high oil prices, global warming, and an insatiable demand for energy: these issues define our generation. The film exposes shocking connections between the auto industry, the oil industry, and the government, while exploring alternative energies such as solar, wind, electricity, and non-food-based biofuels. Josh Tickell and his Veggie Van take us on the road to discover the pros and cons of biofuels, how America's addiction to oil is destroying the U.S. economy, and how green energy can save us, but only if we act now. Genre: Documentary IMDb: Website: link
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