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Larry Gevirtz
Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz, who goes by “Larry” in the movies, has a pretty distinguished acting resume – especially considering he’s 66 and he started in his thirties by answering to an ad for “extras.” Most of his roles remain in the background – he’s appeared in everything from The Chosen to How I Met Your Mother. Not to mention his barbershop quartet performance in “Jake & Amir.”

This Hollywood bit actor grew up in Washington Heights and taught math and Judaic Studies for over thirty years at SAR Academy – a Modern Orthodox co-educational day school in Riverdale, New York. He’s also written and edited many books, including a guide to the basic laws of Shabbat, and a novel, The Mystery of the Missing Bar Mitzva Gift.
2011 - HappyThankYouMorePlease
2018 - The Rainbow Experiment
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