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Bruno Bichir
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Bruno Bichir (born Bruno Bichir Nájera October 6, 1967, Mexico City) is one of the most prolific actors of the contemporary cinema of Mexico as well as telenovelas and theater.

Bruno is a member of the Bichir family of Lebanese origin whose members are prominent actors. Both of his parents, Alejandro Bichir and Maricruz Nájera, and two older brothers Odiseo and Demián Bichir are actors.
2005 - Bendito Infierno (aka: Don't Tempt Me)
2006 - La Mujer de mi Hermano
2009 - Julia
2018 - Perfectos Desconocidos
2018 - Perfectos Desconocidos
2018 - Sicario: Day Of The Soldado
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