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Colin Clive
Colin Clive was born to a British Colonel and his wife in St. Malo, France on 20 January 1900. His schooling was at the Convent of the Holy Cross, Boscombe, and Stonyhurst College, in preperation for entering Sandhurst, The British Royal Military Academy. Unfortunately, a riding accident shattered the young man's knee and disqualified him for Military Service. Mr. Clive entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, making his debut in 1919 as 'Claude' in THE ECLIPSE. After almost 10 years of touring, he was chosen for the role of 'Stanhope' in the war play JOURNEY'S END...replacing the 20 year old Laurence Olivier...who had another commitment. JOURNEY'S END was Clive's beginning and his end. Both the actor and the character were alcoholics... Clive, to relieve monstrous stage fright, and "Stanhope" to numb the agonies of War. When JOURNEY'S END was filmed in 1929, Colin Clive started his film career...He only made 18 films, but each was stylish, quirky and highly individualistic. No one who has seen him can ever forget him. Colin Clive died in Los Angeles California on 25 June 1937, of tuberculosis as a result of chronic alcoholism...He was 37 years old
1931 - Frankenstein (1931)
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