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Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood (born September 7, 1987) is an American actress and singer.Wood began her acting career in the late 1990s, appearing in several television series, including American Gothic and Once and Again. She made her debut as a leading film actress in Little Secrets (2002) and became well-known after her transition to a more adult-oriented Golden Globe-nominated role in the teen drama film Thirteen (2003). Wood continued acting mostly in independent films, including Pretty Persuasion (2005), Down in the Valley (2006), Running with Scissors (2006), and in the big studio production Across the Universe (2007). Wood's acting has drawn critical praise, and she has been described by The Guardian newspaper as being "wise beyond her years" and as "one of the best actresses of her generation." Her relationship with singer Marilyn Manson, to whom she was engaged in 2010, has received considerable news coverage.
2003 - Thirteen
2003 - The Missing
2005 - The Upside Of Anger
2005 - Pretty Persuasion
2006 - Down In The Valley
2006 - Running With Scissors
2007 - King Of California
2007 - Across The Universe
2008 - The Life Before Her Eyes
2008 - The Wrestler
2009 - Battle for Terra
2009 - Whatever Works
2011 - The Conspirator
2011 - The Ides of March
2013 - A Case of You
2013 - Charlie Countryman
2014 - Barefoot
2015 - Strange Magic
2016 - Into the Forest
2018 - Allure
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