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Juliette Lewis
American actress and musician Juliette Lewis gained international fame and acclaim for her role in the film "Cape Fear" (1991), for which she received an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Almost a decade later, she received an Emmy nomination for her performance in “Hysterical Blindness” (2003).That same year Lewis also appeared in the HIM music video for "Buried Alive By Love". 

Lewis launched a career as a solo singer and musician, leading American rock band Juliette and the Licks until 2009. After splitting with the Licks, she has formed a new band The New Romantiques, with whom she has recorded a new album entitled Terra Incognita.

Lewis dated actors Brad Pitt, and celebrity nanny Michael Dewitt before marrying professional skateboarder Steve Berra in 1999; they divorced in 2003.
1989 - Christmas Vacation
1991 - Cape Fear
1993 - Kalifornia
1994 - Natural Born Killers
1995 - Strange Days
1996 - From Dusk Till Dawn
2000 - Way of the Gun
2003 - Cold Creek Manor
2005 - Daltry Calhoun
2006 - Aurora Borealis
2007 - Catch And Release
2010 - Conviction
2011 - The Hangover Part II
2012 - Hick
2013 - August: Osage County
2014 - Hellion
2015 - Jem and the Holograms
2016 - Nerve
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