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Lana Antonova
With the looks of Cameron Diaz and the sex appeal of a James Bond girl, Lana Antonova sauntered into the movie business. Also known as Lana Novac, she was born and raised in Kuybyshev, Russia, Soviet Union, which is a town along the mighty Volga River near present-day Saratov. She completed school and soon left home with a traveling urge. She found herself in such far-flung places as China, Austrailia, Italy, France, England, the United States and many others. For the good part of the 1990's and onward, she has enjoyed the traveling life. She gained an incredibly strong work ethic from the influence of her father and others during her youth. She sets a high standard for herself and is always striving to realize the best of her abilities. She acquired diverse training for her acting craft from: The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in London, body movement, Alex Varden in Los Angeles, cold reading, Jered Barclay in Los Angeles. Her training in dance includes: Tatyana Tarasova, private coach, ballet in Russia and University of Brighton, London. Lana has also danced Latin style professionally. In music, her training is from the musical conservatory, Saratov, Russia for Classical Piano. As a singer, Lana is versatile with a vocal range from low 'G' to high 'E'. She received additional speech training in Los Angeles. She is able to do many accents from Russian to British to German to Italian. Her athletic interests include: figure skating and horseback riding, she enjoys many sports activities. The roles Lana has obtained to date, cover a wide range: from Go-Go dancer in Austin Powers (1997) to a naive immigrant mistaken for a drug courier in The Face of the Serpent (2003). Life hasn't always been a bed of roses. When Lana was only 20, her mother passed away and the loss affected her deeply. Lana was also divorced once in 2000. At the writing, she has been quietly involved with actor/author, Christopher Lawford. The two worked on Burt Munro(2005), as well as Slipstream (2007) with Anthony Hopkins. Lana is a person who thrives on excitement, but still likes to keep things under control. Her personality and integrity is outstanding in a vast and challenging field, she's a kind, gentle, soft-spoken, classy and compassionate individual. She is a woman who truly believes in living life to the fullest.
2006 - The World's Fastest Indian
2015 - Spotlight
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