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Watercooler – April 4, 2009

Posted on April 4th, 2009

watercoolerRaimi no fan of SM3?
For all of you (like me) who really couldn’t stand SPIDER-MAN 3, you’ve got some pretty good company: Sam Raimi himself. The director spoke to Empire Magazine (via CHUD) and he said that he’s still a little upset at how SPIDER-MAN 3 turned out. “I don’t even want to comment on Venom,” said Raimi explaining, “there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.” In other words, he didn’t want Venom in the film at all but the people at Marvel really pushed for that character because he was a fan favorite. Raimi doesn’t blame the fans and their love for Venom because he admits “I’m the one that doesn’t understand” the character’s popularity. The man was quite diplomatic though saying he didn’t want to disparage his partners on that film and was looking forward to SPIDER-MAN 4 where he would have sole creative control over the film. “I’ve gotta be the singular voice that makes the creative choices on the film,” says Raimi. I can’t believe it took Marvel three films to realize this… The full interview isn’t online yet but you can read snippets courtesy of CHUD here.

Fox Refuses To Pay Theater Exhibitors Cost of 3-D Glasses
It has been a rough week for 20th Century Fox: First a huge batch of their Slumdog Millionaire DVDs get shipped without special features, then a workprint of one of their major tentpole releases gets leaked onto the internet. To that list, you can now add on one more mess: THR reported this past Tuesday that Fox was doing an about face in its agreement to co-finance the rollout of 3-D screens with theater exhibitors, refusing to pay the fees associated with the use of 3-D glasses (fees that can run over $1 million per film, in order to purchase and pass out the glasses). Now exhibitors, who have already spent millions converting their systems to display 3-D films, are pissed.

According to an article on EW, one exhibitor fumed:

I’m already paying fees to RealD for the systems. I’m paying to put in the silver screens and I’m paying to train employees to run the product. To come in at this point and say they aren’t going to pay for the glasses, yet they want all the upside of the revenue, is ridiculous.

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Zack Snyder on Watchmen’s Box Office and Director’s Cut Theatrical Release
While appearing at ShoWest to accept the 2009 Director of the Year Award, Zack Snyder responded to questions about the disappointing box office of Watchmen and how this might effect the prospects of the Director’s Cut being released theatrically.

“Thing thing about Watchmen is it’s a lot of craziness. It’s a long movie, it’s rated R.” “Everyone is talking about Monsters vs. Aliens, which is a cool movie, comes out and makes like $58 million and everyone is like, ‘Oh my god, it’s the hugest hit ever!’ And then a R-rated movie, two and a half hours long with superheroes raping each other makes $55 million dollars and every-one’s like ‘WHAT?’ How is that possible? I’m pretty happy with the movie”

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Jackie Earle Haley Cast as Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot
Variety has confirmed LatinoReview‘s rumor that Watchmen star Jackie Earle Haley has signed on to play Freddy Kruger in Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Also, BloodyDisgusting has learned that Kyle Gallner (The Haunting In Connecticut) is in final talks to play Quentin, the podcast host and Johnny Depp character from the original Wes Craven film.

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