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TIFF09 – Day 3

Posted on September 19th, 2009

Repost of tweets:

Day 3 of #TIFF09 ! 1st film this morning is Australian film starring Hugo Weaving called Last Ride.

Last Ride

Last Ride: A young boy travels across Australia with his father, who’s wanted by the law. Trailer: http://bit.ly/3Dxe13

Last Ride was really good. Nice, intimate small film. Hugo Weaving and the kid on the film were great. ****

A Conversation with Michael Caine

Next film is not a film, it’s ‘A Conversation with Michael Caine’. Really excited for this. Seating in row 2!

Michael Caine


That was amazing . Better then any movie couldve been. Caine is funny, charming. & entertaining. I loved it!

Sam Neil is in the crowd and asks Michael Caine a question.



Next movie is ‘Suck’, a Rock N Roll Vampire comedy.

Suck: A little too cheesy for me but not bad. Music was good, cast as well, lots of cool cameos but it lacked something.

Not as funny as expected. ***

Q&A with director, D.P., some cast and more. And that’s it for another day of #TIFF09


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