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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Red Band Trailer (updated)

Posted on May 29th, 2011

Update: The ‘official’ Green-Band Trailer is now available

Over the weekend, someone uploaded the Red-Band trailer for David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is currently playing in some theaters.
We haven’t added it to the main site, since it’s a cam/bootleg version, but with the Green-Band trailer debuting on June 2nd, this one may never make it’s way online in a better form, so here it is for you to enjoy:

music used: Trent Reznor & Karen O – Immigrant Song


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Has Sony Pictures just pulled a Lisbeth Salander?

Salander is, of course, the kick-ass computer hacker who is the heroine of Steig Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. And a trailer for David Fincher’s film adaptation, coming this December, has just hit the web. It provides the first look at how Fincher is translating the book to the screen, and the results are pretty rivetting. He appears to be following the outline of Larsson’s novel while shooting in a hard-edge style closer to his Se7en than The Social Network.

What’s curious, though, is the source of the trailer. A number of the web sites that have eagerly picked it up describe it as a trailer that is playing in Europe, where it was illegally camcorded. It does looks as if it was secretly recorded in a movie theater, and many sites are linking to a copy that was uploaded on YouTube on Saturday.

But wait a minute. Could this all actually be a clever viral campaign on Sony’s part? For starters, the trailer is preceded by an MPAA red-band, advising that the preview has been approved by the MPAA for mature audiences. But why would theaters in Europe be showing an MPAA advisory which is aimed at U.S. moviegers?

Also, while the trailer gives the appearance of being filmed in a theater with some sort of handheld device — the trailer is off-center and appears to shake as it begins — it’s actually a pretty good copy. There’s no audience noise, and once the trailer kicks in the framing settles down and the sound is good.

Which all leads to the question: Was the trailer actually planted by a Sony operative? The YouTube version that is getting a lot of clicks belongs to a user who is identified as being in the Netherlands and who joined YouTube May 28, the same day the trailer was uploaded. And so far, it doesn’t look as if Sony has not moved quickly to have it removed.

Offering U.S. fans a first look at the movie via an “unauthorized” trailer can only add to its cachet. And since its a red-band trailer — presumably because of a glimpse of nudity — leaking it via YouTube means the studio doesn’t have to go through the exercise of making the video an “age-restricted” posting on its official site. (The trailer directs viewers to an official site, www.dragontattoo.com, that doesn’t appear to be operational yet.)

Finally, an under-the-radar viral campaign would be in keeping with Salander’s own renegade spirit, since she’s a master of manipulating the web.

A Sony spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment as the mystery deepens.

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