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4 Defunct Television Shows That Could Become Movie Franchises

Posted on December 10th, 2012

The news that “Arrested Development” was returning for a Netflix-exclusive fourth season was a dream come true for fans of the short-lived comedy and gave the rest of us hope that there can be an afterlife for some of our most beloved cable TV shows. The problem with television shows is that, no matter how good they are, someday they must end. Some of the most famous finales left us wanting more. Here are four shows that have real potential for an afterlife on the big screen:

Taking On the Italian Mafia

In the same way Tony battled panic attacks and anxiety, so did the millions of viewers watching the finale of HBO’s trademark drama, “The Sopranos,” only to be cut-off mid-scene to a black screen. The cutaway was so abrupt that viewers thought their cable had gone out on them. Some theorists argue the ending was supposed to put us through the same anxiety Tony himself endured while others think the look on Tony’s face just before the cutaway was the final moment before he was shot dead. But many fans just want to know more, and there’s no better setting than the silver screen.


Oh Fox, you just know how to kill the things we love. “Firefly” was a cult classic that was adored by the fans, mediocre in its ratings, and completely overlooked by network executives. After just two seasons, Fox closed the door on “Firefly” and forever destined them to a lifetime of collector’s edition DVD’s.


If “Firefly” is the show that wasn’t given a fair shake, “Lost” was the song that never ended. Despite a successful seven seasons, fans of the ABC drama were still left with more questions than answers. “Lost” may have set the standard for all Cable TV one-hour dramas to follow, but that doesn’t mean its work is done. Get this thing in the movie theaters and tell us what’s so damn special about Walt!

Bring the Riot

If you’re unfamiliar with Curb, then you obviously don’t care about comedy, racial stereotypes, or America. So many fans of the great sitcom were begging for a movie after the shows less than well-received finale in ’98, but the time for a follow-up movie has come and gone. A Curb film would give the Seinfeld fans the type of flick they’ve always wanted and satisfy today’s current Larry David fanatics.

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