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Five Best Apps for Movie Lovers

Posted on May 21st, 2013


Do you obsess over movies? Do you pepper your conversation with movie references and compare your dates to characters in movies? Do you dream about writing a script and directing your own flick? While 4K cameras are expensive, cheap cell phones can at least satisfy some of your movie obsession.

The explosion of new movie-related mobile apps will make finding the right movie, answering movie trivia and scouting the movies on the horizon a lot easier for you. There are easily hundreds of apps for movie lovers. However, a few stand out from the crowd:

My Movies

My Movies is the go-to app for cataloging all of your movie downloads. For about $5, you can add unlimited movies to your personal database by scanning the barcode or entering the numbers manually. You’ll save that $5 the first time you avoid buying the same movie twice because you forgot you already had it. You can also enter the movies you have in other formats, like Blueray or DVD, so that you don’t duplicate them, either. Compatible with iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Designed for Android, iPhone and iPad users, IMDb is an extension of the International Movie Database Web site. This comprehensive resource lists movies (past, present and future), actors, directors, scene locations. It’s a great app for movie trivia or for figuring out things like “who was the guy who played …?” The free app makes it easy to browse for the information you need and watch movie trailers. About the only thing you can’t do on the app, which you can do on the Web site, is rank movies and leave comments.


If you’re as hooked on those big red rental kiosks as the rest of America, then you need this free movie app. Available for iPhone and Android users, this app not only tells you the nearest Redbox location, but lets you scan the movie inventory of that particular machine. If you’re on the hunt for a particular title, the app will tell you the nearest Redbox with that flick.

Movie Vault

If you’re a fan of old, classic, not widely-available movies, then you need the Movie Vault app. This $1.99 app, designed for Android, iPad and iPhone users, allows you to stream a variety of classic movies, from the silent movie era and later. You’ll find familiar as well as obscure, lesser-known titles. Best of all, the movies are all copyright free, which means you won’t pay any extra fees for viewing the content.

Location Scout

If you’ve ever been on vacation and thought a particular building looked like something you saw in a movie, (if only you could remember which one) then Location Scout is for you. This free app for iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and iPhone users let you search by city, street, building or other geographic landmark to see which movies were filmed in that location. The app ties in to the IMDb, so virtually all films, past and present, are listed.

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