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Head-To-Head: Who will win the showdown between Batman and Superman

Posted on January 20th, 2016


The Marvel comic brand has always been ground-breaking, but few could have imagined the impact that it would have had at the Box Office. Not only has it inspired a number of blockbusting movies, for example, but it has also inspired other studios to create their own legends of the silver screen.

Warner Bros. is one such studio that risen to the challenge, as it hopes to claim a share of the comic icon market and lay down the gauntlet to Marvel stars such as Iron Man, Captain America and The Avengers. In partnership with director Zack Snyder, the brand is set to release the highly-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 5th of this year to a wildly expectant audience.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: What should fans expect?


The film is exciting for many reasons, not the least the presence of two seminal superheroes. We will also see new and exciting actors reprise these iconic roles on the silver screen, with Henry Cavills Man of Steel, Ben Afflecks Dark Knight and Gal Gadots Wonder Woman combining for the very first time. This has created a hint of mystery for fans, while also creating a unique wealth of superhero talent that can target a mass, global audience.


The same principle has been applied to the films baddies, with the producers having decided to create a unique antihero ensemble rather than focusing on a single, villainous icon. Featuring Will Smiths ice-cold assassin Deadshot, Margot Robbies bat-wielding (not to mention make-up clad) mad-woman Harley Quinn and Jared Letos unusually crazed cameo as the Joker, this may be one of the first superhero films in which the villains arguably hold more interest than our erstwhile champions.

It is the introduction of conflict between Cavills Superman and Afflecks Batman that adds a whole new dimension to the silver screen, however, while the narrative builds perfectly on the waves created by Warner Bros. intriguing Man of Steel flick back in 2013. It is fair to say that experts and fans alike are anticipated something of a hit when the film first launches, while Warner Bros. themselves have confirmed that there is a great deal more to come as they look to compete aggressively with Marvel in the years ahead.


Our Final Thoughts

With the shared saga set to continue in 2017 with the release of Wonder Woman, the sky is certainly the limit for Warner Bros. and their team. Just as it would be unwise at this stage to speculate on which superhero will emerge victorious in the momentous battle that takes place this spring, however, it is also too difficult to determine whether Marvel can remain the dominant superhero force in the face of such competition.

Certainly Warner Bros. has the advantage of leveraging the global popularity of Batman, which has broken down the boundaries of popular culture as a comic book icon. Those of you who play online slots at Royal Vegas Canadian Casino will be aware of titles such as the Batman slot, for example, which has created a new generation of firms in a previously untapped market. If this fan power can be harnessed effectively through the upcoming films and future releases, Warner Bros. can look forward to a bright future.

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