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Five of the Best James Bond Scenes

Posted on January 27th, 2016



The popular James Bond films have produced 25 movies over only 53 years. Whileeach film contains memorable moments, these 5 scenes have made a huge impact onaudiences. Here are the five of the best James Bond scenes of all time.


5. License to Kill– Blackjack game between Bond and Bovier

Casino scenes are common in James Bond films. However, the 1989 film chooses toportray a unique scene portraying a game of blackjack. For those unfamiliar withBlackjack, this game has grown in popularity over the years, influencing the growthin popularity of blackjack online.

In this scene, Bond challenges the villain Franz Sanchez to a game of blackjackwhere Bond ends up winning a huge amount of money. This scene is memorable dueto the director’s unique and hard-edged approach. Note elements that mirror classicfilms like Scarface and Lethal Weapon.


4. Casino Royale– Le Chiffe poisons Bond

Although each actor brings a unique perspective to the Bond character, Daniel Craig’sportrayal is a gritty and realistic one. This rare moment in the films is a portrayal ofBond’s life not from a weapon, but by a poison. The threat occurs during a game ofpoker where Le Chiffre spikes his martini. Thanks to his quick thinking, Bondrealizes that he has been poisoned and is aided with the help of Vesper, a formidableBond girl.


3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service– the death of Bond’s wife

This film marked the end of the 1960’s and the beginning of a new Bond actor:Goerge Lazenby. The film was even advertised as being a different and better Bondmovie. One of the most notable features is Bond’s talent for womanizing. At thebeginning of the film, a woman is saved from suicide by Bond. The two go on to fallin love and eventually marry. However, their union is cut short when the villain andhis henchwoman attempt to kill Bond by instead kill his wife. This gripping scenefascinates audiences who love the idea of Bond settling down but are shocked by hisshort brush with happiness.


2. Goldfinger– Goldfinger expects Bond to die

In this particular scene, Auric Goldfinger has captured Bond and restrained him witha laser beam coming to kill him. Goldfinger asks Bond for his next words and statesthat he expects Bond to die. This classic scene featuring Sean Connery is James Bondat his finest. The villains are unforgettable and the music throughout the film is wellknown.


1. Dr. No– Bond introduces himself

This scene is from the first film where Bond introduces himself, setting up the moviefranchise. In a casino, agent 007 is playing a game of baccarat when another playerintroduces herself to him. He nonchalantly introduces himself as “Bond, JamesBond,” the first time that viewers get to know this character.

These scenes are some of the most memorable ones but they are just a few of manyamazing and interesting scenes. Watching the films will provide fans with theenjoyment of getting to know Bond throughout his career and adventures.

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