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Top 3 characters from casino movies

Posted on August 19th, 2016



The directors of movies get praised for the memorable characters and situations that are created, making them eager to find new ways of thrilling us via the silver screen. The increasing popularity of gaming at online casinos such as CasinoOnline.co.nz or Casinoreef.com.au has seen the casino-themed film become more common, with casinos providing a unique blend of glamour and danger that leads to iconic films and characters. Here are perhaps the top three characters from casino movies through the years.


Mike McDermott Rounders

This is one of the gaming films more highly rated by real-life gamblers for its comparative accuracy. It stars Matt Damon as a former gambling addict who is forced to play again to try and help a friend escape the clutches of loan sharks. Its all about high stakes poker here, and the classic movie set-up provides loads of great scenes and moments. Its fair to say that the poker game against Russian mobster Teddy KGB (John Malkovich) is one that sticks in the mind though.


Danny Ocean Oceans 11

This whole film revolves around Vegas and casinos but its about robbing them, rather than gaming at them. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is the leader of the gang attempting this insane heist and his sheer nerve makes him one of the great casino characters.


Raymond Babbitt Rain Man

Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman), an autistic man possessing savant mathematics brilliance, is about as far removed from Danny Ocean as you can get, but his blackjack card counting in this movie from 1987 easily qualifies him as one of the top casino move characters.

What this demonstrates is that there have been some extraordinary acting performances by the stars of Hollywood in movies themed around casinos and gaming, but which one of these three very different characters would you choose to bet on in a game of poker?

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