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Movie Cats : Will these cats make you guess these cult scenes?

Posted on November 29th, 2016


A British couple organized an unusual game on his Instagram account: one of them takes pictures with cats in a parody of scenes from famous movies, and users have to guess which film it is.

Dave and Sarah are big fans of cats and movies. They decided to combine these two passions on their Instagram account, and they baptized their project “Movie Cats”. An idea that came to them during a competition in a bar.

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Twice a month, we present this contest in a pub. We organize rounds devoted to cinema and television. We like it very much, and we decided to add more questions about it in our contest,” they explained.

They publish photos of Dave and their cats on their Instagram account. Each photo parodies a scene from a known film. Commentators must guess which film is shown in the picture.

It is clear that cats find us strange, but during filming, they receive a bunch of rewards. For them, it is the most important,” they stressed.

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