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Movie Themed Slots – A New Way of Gaming

Posted on December 6th, 2016



Many of your favourite movies have already been turned into everything from video games to comics to toy lines so it’s hardly surprising that the biggest craze in digital, online casino games right now is the movie-themed video slot. It’s not hard to see why as centering a game on, say, Jurassic Park or Batman makes for a more memorable and colourful gaming experience than your average, run of the mill slot machine.

Take a look at this Canadian review of the highly acclaimed video slot machine based on Ridley Scott’s modern classic, Gladiator. All the usual slot features are there from multiple payout lines to bonus games but what really sets it apart is the pack is its theme. It’s specifically designed to cater to fans of Gladiator, in particular, with graphics, music, sound effects and on-theme bonus games that are either taken straight from the 2000 film or are directly inspired by it, but it’s not a stretch to say that anyone with an interest in the swords and sandals genre won’t find plenty to enjoy too.

Gladiator, though, is only one of a multitude of different kinds of movie-based slot games out there. The realization that there’s no reason to limit online gaming to virtual machines that exactly replicate their real-world counterparts, has given software developers the freedom to really let their imagination run wild and make games that are as notable for their fun gameplay and immersive aesthetics as they are for giving their users a chance to win some extra cash.

This hasn’t been limited to films at all, of course, as games can be based on everything from generic themes like holidays in the sun or musical wonderland to authorized tie-ins to or comic book characters. These various games are usually found together at any halfway decent online casino so the name of the game has always been variety. Why stick to just your average spinning fruit machines when you can play a highly immersive game based on your favourite music bands which can be seen at cbcmusic.ca or your favourite film the next or Jurassic park.

Most of these casinos also offer special bonuses for repeat customers, like this great offer on the third part of Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Batman trilogy, the Dark Knight Rises. You not only get a full gaming experience with loads of bonus credits and spins to entice you to play more, you even get to join the Dark Knight in his battle against the fearsome Bane for the survival of Gotham City.

It’s an obvious and undoubtedly profitable marriage that combines the best of two of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world, so don’t expect movie-based online casino games to go away anywhere time soon. Indeed, with the continual advancements of special effects, leading to more and more visually breathtaking blockbusters, big-budget films will only increasingly lend themselves to digital games be it gambling or otherwise as time goes on. Just imagine what something like a Ghost in the Shell video slot game would look like.

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