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Best Casino Movies to Get You in the Mood for Gambling

Posted on July 5th, 2017

The casino world is full of drama. No day goes without drama unfolding at the casino premises and as such, the casino setting captures the emotions necessary for shooting captivating movies. Its no surprise that the online casinos are a popular theme in Hollywood: with some of the best actors including Robert De Niro and Daniel Craig shining in a number of casino based blockbusters!


Casino movies are more often spectacular, but the ones featured here offer something a little bit extra. They vary from movies purely based on gambling and betting to gangster films that include a little bit of action.


Fascinating strategies, big winnings, and notorious con-men each of these elements have been featured in these must watch movies!


Oceans 11
Its an undisputed fact that everyone loves a good heist movie and there would no better place to shoot it than Sin City. But any heist movie will live and die depending on the quality of the characters involved. In fact, most of them have struggled to craft even one outstanding character, let alone a group large enough to successfully pull a 150 million heist on a Las Vegas casino.



This is what makes Ocean 11 such an intriguing movie to watch! Its managed to bring us a killer set of characters, each having a different personality and a significant role to play. Danny Ocean, the head of the team, has just been released from prison and he wants to pull a heist that will go down as one of the largest in the history of heists.


To achieve this, he combines a team of eleven members, including the award-winning Brad Pitt (under the name Rusty Ryan), Matt Damon (under the name Linus Caldwell), and Julia Roberts (under the name Tess Ocean).


Their target? Top casinos in Las Vegas strip including the MGM Grand, the Mirage and the Bellagio, all owned by billionaire Terry Benedict. Its not going to be a walk in the park heist as the team is meant to get in and out of the casinos secretly without anyone noticing the 150 million is gone. Did the plan go smoothly as planned? Watch the movie and get to see as the twists and turns unfold!


*Be informed that there are plans that involve developing a movie similar to Oceans 11, dubbed Oceans 8. However, this time its going to feature the modern casino features such as bonuses, live casino games, and the technology thats being used by the modern casinos to make gambling and betting interesting. Is it going to match to the original Oceans 11?


Casino Royale
According to many film critics, most of the last few Brosnan Bond movies had started losing their way until Casino Royale, directed by Martin Campbell and started by Daniel Craig, revived Bond back from the death bed. How did he manage to do that? Simple, he stripped away all the ridiculous action scenes, campy villains and gadgets that for a long time had been clogging up the earlier series and simply set all the action at a casino poker table. With all the fluff gone, the new battle was more of a mental battle between James Bond and his rival Le Chiffre, as they tried to bluff each other out of 150 million.



Whats made this game feature on our list of one of the best casino movies of the 21st century is the way the scriptwriters managed to bring the action without having to involve explosions and guns as it is the tradition of James Bond movies. Weve always been big fans of poker more especially because of the intensity that the game brings to the tables and people participating in the game.


In a few words, Casino Royale is just one of the few casino themed movies that weve seen capturing the true picture of the drama experienced at the poker tables.


It wouldnt be a complete list without mentioning Martin Scorseses crime drama movie that depicts the violence, greed and corruption that the Las Vegas strip experienced in the 70s and 80s. This film is not for the faint-hearted players as it runs for more than 3 hours, which promise to be one of the best that youll spend watching a movie.



Casino is a long movie with so much happening, but in short, it revolves around the rise and fall of gangsters Nicky Santoro (a role perfectly played by Joe Pesci) and Sam Ace Rothstein (which also suits Robert De Niro). Much of the rising is seen in Sams case, while much of the falling can be seen with Nicky.


Sam Rothstein and Nicky Santoro move Sin City to make their mark, work and live in the paradoxical world. However, its Sam whos been chosen to run the mob owned Tangiers Casino, as well as everyone working with the casino. Its Sams responsibility to see that all the earnings go back to the right people at the end of it.


Due to his large success in running the casino, the owners send Nicky, a mobster enforcer, to go and protect Sam and all their business interests in the city. However, due to his volatile and greedy behaviour, he starts causing too much trouble for both himself and Ace.


Buy the movie today and see what becomes of these two main characters as well as the darker side of Las Vegas in the 70s and 80s.


So whats movie have you watched that wasnt featured here?
Have you watched a movie that you think should be included in this list? Send us a brief summary, and we will be sure to include it on our list of best casino movies of the 21st century. You can also write a small summary in the comment box for others to read and discover a movie that they could watch during their free time.


The Best Way to Celebrate Casino Movies of the 21st Century
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