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How To Access Free Movies Without Destroying Your Computer

Posted on October 30th, 2017

Streaming services look set to take over in the near future. At the moment, they’re popular, but cable networks are still on top. That should change as millennials grow older and traditionalists are no longer in the majority.

And this is definitely a good thing. Streaming makes content more accessible at a far cheaper price. You can watch on demand instead of waiting for a show to air or repeat. Streaming services are creating some of the best content around.

Fortunately and unfortunately, theres competition in the streaming world. For the industry and for our own good, its important that no company has a monopoly. At the same time, this means that in order to get access to all content, you have to subscribe to multiple services, something not all of us can afford.

The good news is that there are ways around this. There are free streaming services that circumvent copyright laws. Some are illegal, but others are within the boundaries of the law. Many of the illegal services are not safe to use. ProjectFreeTV is stuffed with malware. Torrents are often untrustworthy.

Yet this is not always the case. Certain services offer legal options to watch series and movies for free, without destroying your computer.

Audials One 2018 is the most striking example. The constantly evolving software makes music, series, and movies available from all the streaming services and is perfectly legal and safe.

How it works

Audials is Windows software that trawls the internet, finding music and videos from all possible sites, and records it. It then saves these recordings as convertible files. You’re able to find just about anything, and watch it in a high quality format.

The question that has to be asked is how is this legal? The answer is simple, if a little roundabout. See, you’re allowed to record content online, as its being played back. Think of it like the old days of the VCR, when you could schedule your video recorder to record something you’d otherwise miss. Thats perfectly legal.

Distributing it, however, is illegal. Audials One works as your own personal recorder. It records for you and only for you. It does not store a trove of content waiting for you to browse. In turn, you’re not permitted to distribute it to friends. However, accessing the content and watching it is fine.

New features

Audials One 2018 version is already available, and it has some very handy features that previous iterations may have missed.

With the new Dashboard, users receive a better overview and search function for all features.
Artists, podcasts, radio stations and new Audials charts every week give you quick access.
A new feature of Audials One 2018 is batch recording, that allows users to create a list of movies from streaming services theyd like to record.

Basically, its a win-win. Audials does not steal content or replace the streaming services. It only supplements them in a perfectly legal way.

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