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Movie-themed Slots

Posted on December 28th, 2017

Movie lovers, whats it gonna be today Netflix or cinema? If youd like a third option, there are always movie-themed online slots to keep you company, especially as you get to combine two of your favourite pastimes playing online slots and watching movies. So, lets see which movie slots should be on your playlist, shall we?


Online Slots Featuring Your Favourite Movies

First of all, yes, there is a myriad of movie-themed slots out there and it can be pretty overwhelming when searching for the perfect one for you. But also, think about how fun that can be! Perhaps youre going to want to spin the reels of the slots featuring your favourite film. Is your fave movie Rocky? King Kong? Man of Steel? Jurassic Park? Because no matter which one of those is your go-to flick, you can be sure you can play the eponymous slots, as well.


1. Aliens Slot

Not only are movie-themed slots extremely fun, they are known to be brimming with cool features, too. Take Aliens for example. Sure, its one of the most entertaining sci-fi action movies of all time, but NetEnts Aliens slot pretty awesome, too.

For one, there are three whole different levels of play the Search, the Encounter and the Hive. The first one brings you multipliers, the second one activates more paylines that may trigger re-spins and the third one gives you the opportunity to kill the Queen, earning re-spins and multipliers in the process. The value of the multiplier can go up to 10x, too!


2. Terminator 2 Slot

Next stop Microgamings Terminator 2 slot. Sure, its another one of the worlds all-time favourite sci-fiction flicks and the eponymous slots super popular, as well. Its not hard to see why. Firstly, the game features 243 paylines. Secondly, you can win 10 Free Spins with Hot Mode being triggered at random. What does the Hot Mode do, you ask? It increases your chances of winning, especially if the T-1000 symbol emerges on the reels.


3. The Mummy Slot

Who here doesnt enjoy the ultimate adventure movie The Mummy? No, not the Tom Cruise one; the 90s one, of course! Apart from your regular online slot shenanigans, Playtechs The Mummy slot comes with several bonus games, including the Lost City Adventure Bonus with 6 separate features. What that means in a nutshell that this slot alone is adventure all on its own, filled with cash prizes, Free Games, super spins and more.


Have Fun Playing Movie Slots

The list of exciting and fruitful movie-themed slots is truly vast from the Gladiator slot to newer titles, such as the Jurassic World slot and Planet of the Apes slot so youll surely have a blast picking which slot to try out next. Close your eyes and think of your favourite movie. Got it? Okay, now search the web for the slot designed after the movie. If youre lucky, you may even nab some awesome wins on your fave film, too! What else is there to say but good luck and have fun, you big ol cinephile, you!

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