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5 Casino Movies Every Gambler Must See

Posted on January 10th, 2018

Of underdogs and whales; your lowdown of the finest casino movies around.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to kickback after playing online slots and see a little bit of casino action ontheir 4K TV, then you know the sort of thrill that comes with watchingthe pros take the weak hands to the cleaners. Forget about cowboys and kings and delve into the world of casino movies, because these kind of flicks will whet your appetite for the next run at the tables. For those who have no idea of how to spin the wheel next, here is a good old list;


1. Rounders (1998)

Oh no, the Russians are at it again!
Meet Mike McDermott, a prolific gambler who gets picked off at the tables by a Russian thug known as Teddy. This blow to his gambling career, coupled with pressure from his girlfriend, forces him to consider retiring fromthe only game he has ever loved. However, it doesnt take long for him to find himself back in it all, this time to save an old friend who must pay off a debt. Only problem is that the debt is owed to one Russian thug. You know his name.


2. Owning Mahony (2003)

Dan Mahony is your average bank employee. He is straight with his friends and loyal to his girlfriend Belinda. He however has a deep dark secret; tricking the banks books so he can gamble at his favorite casino. The compulsive gambling he is used to blows a crater in the books, and Dan must play his best hand to survive.


3.The House (2017)

Scot and Kate are in a little bit of, shall we say, financial jam? The only way out of the holeis to team up with their enterprising neighbor frank and start a casino in his home. They are soon stacking money up to the ceiling, but while they are not looking, the floor is falling apart from all around them, and whats coming to them can only be avoided by putting their best foot forward.


4.The Gambler (2014)

Even rugged literature professors can go at it. Jim Bennet is good with Shakespearean monologues in front of his students, but they dont know that he is equally good at gambling. To fund his hobby, Jim borrows money from a notorious criminal and offers his life as security. And in order to stay ahead of the pack, he puts his lender in the crosshairs of the head of a notorious gambling syndicate. In the midst of all the chaos, Jim is falling in love with his beautiful student, and all these worlds will come to clash sooner rather than later.


5.The Last Casino (2014)

One Canadian teacher is always looking to take advantage of the resources at his disposal. In this case, those resources are his best Math students.From him, they will learn the art of card counting and go on to shake down some of Canadas renowned casinos.
Gambling buffs are all about the action, and with the right selection of casino movies and a bag of good old popcorn, their day is pretty much made.

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