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The Scariest Movies to Stream This Month

Posted on October 9th, 2018


It is finally October! We can finally start watching scary movies every night and no one will judge us. Scary movies have gotten so much better over the years, so you can count down your way to Halloween with your bae and pizza.


Sure, you can also enjoy your time playing online games with a Borgata bonus code, but we are sure you would want to spend your weekends watching some great movies with your loved ones. And what better genre than horror?


The Scariest Movies You Can See in October!
Here are some of the scariest movies you should stream this month:


1. The Witch
A 17th century horror drama directed by Roger Eggers, The Witch is the a story about a farmer and his family and the despair they are when his youngest son, Samuel, goes missing. His eldest daughter is blamed for it, which is only confirmed by the twins, Mercy and Jonas, that she might be into dark witchcraft. You can watch the movie on Netflix.


2. Into the Dark: The Body
True story of a family haunted by demons, the 1979 drama is one of the best works of Jay Anson. The story itself is so scary that it doesnt need any jump starts or dramatic sound effects. You can stream Into the Dark: The Body on Hulu.


3. The Conjuring
The movie starts with Rod and Carolyn finding their missing dog. When they find him he is dead under mysterious circumstances. It is followed with their daughter, Andrea, getting harmed by a spirit. The horror film is available on Netflix. It has several prequels and sequels, which will take you through a week.


4. Nightmare City
A 1980 classic, Nightmare City highlights the life of a TV news reporter who has a run-in with blood-drinking ghouls who are destroying the town. The dead would arise and become what we call today — zombies. The movie is available on Amazon Prime.


5. Night of the Living Dead
Well, when it comes to watching movies on dead, we have had a lot of zombie movies out there. However, this one isnt all fiction, and instead, tries to bring you to reality. Night of the Living Dead is more of a science fiction but it does have certain scary parts. Directed by George A. Romero, the movie Barbara and Johnny driving to visit their fathers grave. Things start worsening with Barbara is attacked by someone strange but her brother rescues her. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime.


6. Diary of the Dead
A few innocent students and their college professor visit a nearby forest to shoot a scary movie. One after the other, students start disappearing as they are killed by the walking dead. Even though the movie didnt do well with the critics, it was a major hit at the box office. It is available on Amazon as well.


Have you already watched any of these movies? Which of these are you looking to catch a glimpse of first? Let us know in the comments below.

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