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Most Anticipated movies of 2019

Posted on March 19th, 2019

Each year comes with its own new movies, which has always been the tradition. However, there are some movies that we are keener to watch than others. This is usually because of the build-up that has led to these movies. They can be either sequels or movies in a series. Whichever it is, today we want to focus on the most anticipated movies of 2019.

Movies to look out for


Captain Marvel- March 2019

As we said earlier, the build can make a movie get to the most anticipated list. In addition, we all know that the build-up to this movie has been an epic one. Captain Marvel, is set to hit the theatres on the 8th of March.


Avengers-End Game- April 2019

After the Avengers Infinity war, with Thanos literally snapping away half the world out of existence, we just can’t wait for the End Game. Fans have been curious to see who survived and who will come back. The trailers have of this movie have been keeping us on the edge since December 2018. It seems as though April 2019 is a bit too far us now. Luckily for pokiepop.com casino players, they can kill the time gambling for real money.


John Wick: Chapter 3- May 2019

Chapter 1 was just mind-blowing, Chapter 2, was insane, what will John Wick Chapter 3 have in store for us now. Set to hit the scenes in May, we literally cannot wait to get the popcorn popping. Keanu Reeves will in the movie be joined by Halle Berry. We do not know much about it yet, but we do know that whoever killed Wick’s dog is in for a big showdown. Did you know that you can place your bet on your favourite movie and stand a chance to win big.


Frozen 2-November 2019

Yes, Anna this time we do want to build a Snowman with you. The sequel of the Disney movie Frozen is set to hit the scenes in November this year. We are not sure about you, but now half the children around the world can’t wait to see what new adventures will come in with the new movie.

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