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Best Casino Movies in the Last Two Decades

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

Hollywood’s love for casino movies is nothing new. From the classics like the Cincinnati Kid to modern-day thrillers like the gambler, if you love gambling films, you are in for a treat. Most of these films are also Oscar Award winners that starred A-listers like Brad Pitt and George Clooney.


#1: Casino Royale (2006)
British top secret service agent James Bond discovers that a bunch of bad guys have been laundering money through poker games. Bond does what he does best, disguising himself within the criminal binds before finally toppling their plans.

Released in 2006, Casino Royale was a dream come true for Bond fans who were starting to get bored by the franchise. It had everything movie fans loved in Bond when the franchise first began. A cool, mesmerizing appeal, unwavering determination, and the great acting skills of Daniel Craig.


#2: 21 (2008)
Based on a real-life story, ’21’ explores the life of Ben Campbell, a shy but genius M.I.T. student who’s in urgent needs for fees and has one talent: counting cards. He teams up with several other gifted students to start a mission of visiting Vegas every weekend to make money.

By exploiting signals, and ingeniously counting cards successfully, the team begins to beat casinos. The lavish lifestyle of Vegas catches up with the under-21s. But amidst their success, they also have to fight off the casinos’ age enforcer.

21 was loved by everyone who enjoys genius movies for its melodrama and a great plot. However, those that wanted the film to keep its story accurate to the original were disappointed. Still, the film was lovely and highlighted all the best reasons to join legit real money casinos in the US.


#3: Croupier (1998)
“Gambling is not about money… Gambling is about not facing reality, ignoring the odds,” A great quote from a super movie.

Croupier revolves around the life of Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a struggling author. He resolves to become a casino croupier to make ends meet. Still, he’s not satisfied and he becomes doing under the table dealings with players to cash in more money.

The film is the contrast of most Hollywood casino movies. Players don’t get to enjoy wins and live the dream life. Instead, the dealer wins it all. It’s a sad tale of what happens in many brick and mortar casinos.

While Jack stops his criminal behavior before it’s too late, Croupier is a tale of caution to gamblers who visit just about any Vegas gambling club. Casinos can be played online. There are no dress codes required. All the games found in Nevada can be played online, including million-dollar jackpots. Better yet, the best online casinos are regulated to keep them transparent at all times.


#4: The Gambler (2014)
The Gambler is a fabulous film but also slightly dark as it explores the self-hating Jim Bennet (Mark Wahlberg). The Gambler is a classic of a 1970s classic under the same name. As usual, there are people who always rate the original better than the remake but Mark did a splendid job of displaying how self-hatred looks like.


#5: The Hangover (2009)
The Hangover’s official trailer will make you think the film is one of those silly comedies with actors trying too hard to be funny. Well, it’s not. Not especially when Mike Tyson cameos with his signature knockout blows.

The film stars three friends, Doug, Stu and Phil plus Alan, the brother to Doug’s soon-to-be wife. They take on a night out to Vegas for the bachelor party. The movie begins the following day, unfortunately, with the three friends having wasted their money gambling, taking drugs and Alan getting married despite having a fiance. They have to find out what happened the night before, now especially because they lost Doug, hours before his wedding.


#6: Killing them softly (2012)
Not every Brad Pitt movie involves love. “Killing them softly” involves lots of blood as Jackie Cogan (Brad) hunts the bad guys. He loves shooting them from a distance and can’t kill those he’s met before. He loves to talk, visit casinos and acts friendly besides being an assassin.

The casino aspect of the movie comes at the beginning. A gamer criminal is robbed by an ex-con and two partners. Jackie is hired to identify and kill them. The film is based on the “Cogan’s Trade,” a classic novel heralded for its witty dialogues and action-filled storyline.


#7: Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
Action meets drama in this all-stars movie. Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, the film has enough star power to make every movie critic love it. Every scene is perfectly placed. The lines, the acting and the action are all great.

At the heart of Ocean Eleven is crime, robbing Vegas casinos to be specific. George Clooney represents a freshly released felon whose first call is to his former associate (Brad). George makes it clear what he wants to do after prison: rob three Vegas casinos.

Filmed in actual Vegas casinos, Ocean’s Eleven brings out the exquisite interiors of casinos, the thrills of gaming and the joys of winning. Scratch that. The money is obtained the hard way by career criminals.


#8: Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)
Following the success of Ocean’s Eleven, a sequel had to come. Ocean’s twelve debuted in 2005 to mixed and negative reviews. The directors didn’t give up and promised to make an even better film. Ocean’s 13 finally came in 2007. And like the original, it was everything that sums up a good casino movie.

Julia Robert’s absence was missed but the star power of the remaining cast did justice to the film. The film had a lot of flashbacks and dimly lit rooms but the action was cutting edge and entertaining.


To Conclude
If you are in search of a good movie and loves casinos, look no further than the films featured above. Each single of them scored high aggregates from fans and critics. Some were good enough to earn sequels but all of them were genuinely entertaining.

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