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Top 3 Sci-Fi Franchises

Posted on May 15th, 2019

Since its early beginnings science has come a long way. There are many scientific achievements that define the way we live now, the most recent of which is the first photo of a Black Hole. When science and imagination merge we get a genre that’s called science-fiction. In literature this genre is represented by Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem and many others.  But what actually is science-fiction and why is it popular?

Most people don’t like today’s state of the world so they try to imagine a better one, a future state where today’s problems are history. Science- fiction tackles a lot of scientific problems. For example, it tries to present what futuristic transportation would look like. This includes small space crafts that fly and can be driven on land and water, as well as gigantic interplanetary spaceships that make a trip to another planet as easy as pie. Another questions sci-fi tries to answer is: are we alone in the universe? Some movies and books depict a friendly version of aliens, while others do not. And last but certainly not least is the question of Artificial Intelligence. Should robots be given the ability to think and would they try to take over our lives? These questions give people the shivers and science hasn’t got an answer yet, so we leave it to our imagination to fill the gaps.

Nowadays, there are many sci-fi movies that give their best to show us a better or worse future. Since there are a lot of movies there are a lot of ways you can watch them. You can buy them, online and offline, or you can watch them on specialized movie platforms. Many websites keep trailers of films so you can decide whether a movie is worth the watch. For example, besides YouTube you can watch the Pikachu movie trailer on a number of other sites.

As mentioned before, platforms like Hulu, HBO Go and Netflix offer movies at any time for anyone with an Internet connection.  Because different people live in different countries there are platforms which offer Netflix VPN services.  A VPN is a network set up to add privacy and security to private and public networks. You can use this type of network, for example, to stream movies so people from all over the world could watch them.


Whichever platform you use, if you’re a sci-fi fan these 3 franchises are a must:


3. Star Trek: The Original Series

These are the first Star Trek series that follow Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise in their adventures and mishaps through space. Although it’s an oldie, you have the chance to see your favorite characters and everyone’s favorite villain and leader of the Klingons, the mighty Kahn himself in the first season.


2. Doctor Who

This is a British TV series airing on BBC since 1963. Doctor Who is a Time Lord, an extraterrestrial being from another planet that appears human and changes his look form time to time. He travels time and space in a ship called the TARDIS, shaped like a blue British police box, and sometimes takes companions on his adventures.


1. The Star Wars

The Force resides in all living things, young Padawan. All you must do is reach out to it. The first movie franchise comprised of six films but with new films being made and released the total amount would be 11. By watching them you can get acquainted with life on other planets protected by the benevolent Jedi Order, their philosophy on the Force, and meet the bad guys, the Sith who try to take over the universe and restore their Empire. If you have already watched them you can visit their website for the latest news.

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