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Dark Phoenix

Posted on June 21st, 2019


Dark Phoenix is the latest production of the Marvel X-Men movie saga. It is not a remake of the third installment of the series of feature films (2006) X-Men: The Last Stand. Although both films are based on the narration of the original comic about the rise and death of the “Dark Phoenix”.

It is a kind of vindication of its creators because the negative opinions of the comics fans at that time. Dark Phoenix describes events after X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. In accordance with the events of the last deliveries, The Last Stand events are considered “deleted”.

Its starting point is similar to the comic (a rescue in outer space that does not end well). However, the development of the plot and the outcome differ significantly from the story. The movie Dark Phoenix was officially released on June 7, 2019 in the United States. Until now, the specialized movie portals have given it not very favorable reviews.

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WARNING: this article may contain some spoilers about the movie Dark Phoenix produced by 20th Century Fox. Here, comparisons with the 2006 film and the original script of the graphic work will be presented. To the readers who love X-Men who have not yet seen the film: abstain if they do not want to know the end.

Main reviews of X-Men: The Last Stand

The main controversy was generated around the script, a lot changed with respect to the events of the comic, the same happened in The Last Stand. Equally the same contrast is observed in the first two films (X-Men and X-Men 2). Most of the faithful fans of the franchise did not like the plot version of these films.

One of the most rejected points in them was the confusing relationship (almost adulterous) between the characters Jean Grey and Logan (Wolverine). Additionally, many important mutants are omitted for the comic book plot (they are not even mentioned). As a common incident, the fall in the water of the ship rescued by Grey is similar to the animated strip. But the causes of the emergence of the “Dark Phoenix” are radically different.

Main differences between the movies and the comics

In the comic strips a higher level of violence is observed than in the movies. Several of this characters – Logan, for example – are far more ruthless and bloodthirsty. Tension and distressing moments often surprise the reader due to the depth of the characters. Thanks to the constant twists in the plot of the script, the “experts” believe that the graphic work is more entertaining.

Even, the villains come to reflect a level of cynicism, sarcasm and sadism little before seen in the gender, this despite the restrictions that established censorship in the United States at the time of publication of the numbers. The amount of characters, obviously, is much greater in the graphic strip. While it is very difficult to condense them all into 120-minute movies, some relevant individuals have been ignored.

The “Disney factor” in his role as distributor of the film has been key in reducing the degree of violence. The cinematographic saga has been adapted to a more general audience to reach a wider audience, all with the goal of ensuring greater revenue from the box office. In the end the rules of the market are imposed, it matters little if it is at the expense of the degradation of the narrative.

The appearance and death of the “Dark Phoenix” according to the description of the comic

The preamble is marked by the strange visions that Jean Grey has about the Phoenix, it is a cosmic entity with the power to vanish the universe that has chosen it host. It also bursts Master Mind, a psychic mutant leader of the Infernal Club who wants to control Grey for his own purposes. The latter seduces Jean and drags her into a Victorian world of the XIX century evoked by him.

On the other hand, the character of Professor Charles Xavier has an affair with Lilanda Neranamani. She is the empress of an alien race – the Xhi’ar – who warn the X Patrol about the destructive advent of the Phoenix. The prophecy is fulfilled when Jean Grey must save the X-Men in the middle of a space mission accident.

She takes over the ship, but crashes into the Hudson River and that’s when The Phoenix Force is revealed. The manipulation of Master Mind causes Jean to lose control over the invading entity, which has devastating effects. The X-Men decide to face her, but her power is practically unlimited, and they barely manage to save themselves. However, the Dark Phoenix commits genocide ending up with a planet of 5 billion asparagus-like beings.

Eventually Jean Grey manages to defeat the invading entity, but Empress Lilanda, along with her Imperial Guard, summons a supreme trial to eradicate the threat of the Phoenix. In the end, Jean would commit suicide to prevent the Phoenix from resurfacing and disintegrating the cosmos.

The alternative ending of the comic and the conclusion of the movie Dark Phoenix

The authors of the comic, John Byrne and Chris Claremont, wanted Jean Grey to stay alive. However, the editors of Marvel decided that this was not acceptable for a character who fulminated an entire planet. After all, in the story they had no doubts when it came to demonstrate the most vulnerable X-Men.

Even so, Byrne and Claremont later designed a number with “the untold story” where Grey survives. The justification would be (freeing her from the genocidal responsibility) that the Phoenix cloned Grey’s body. At the same time, she was hibernating in a cocoon recovering from the accident of the ship in the Hudson River.In Dark Phoenix, Jean catches fire after unleashing all her power to kill Vuk (the villain). The powerful fire released has a phoenix silhouette and apparently Grey has turned to ashes. The last frame of the film shows Eric (Magneto) playing chess with Xavier while in the sky a fiery phoenix appears. Would this end satisfy the diehard fans of the comic?

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