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How to Keep Up with Your Favorite UK TV Shows when you are Abroad

Posted on July 9th, 2019

If you are a UK resident who frequently uses tools like iPlayer to watch TV series, you probably know these live streaming platforms are only meant to be watched on UK territory. These platforms check your IP address in order to see where you are in the world when accessing their live streaming services. If you are a UK resident traveling abroad, you won’t be able to use UK TV sites, at least not the way they were intended to be used. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can solve this problem. According to Secure Thoughts, there are several virtual private networks that will hide your IP address and your location.

Keep on reading if you want to learn some simple ways to access any website from anywhere in the world.


What is an IP address?


Before we reveal the best ways to hide your IP address, let’s start with the basics and explain what IP addresses are and what they are used for. An IP address is a unique identification number given to each device that connects to the internet. The internet is a web of networks and in order to establish the best connection for each device, it needs to know where each device is located.


Simple ways to hide your IP address


Hiding your IP address is like having a fake ID, but instead of fooling the club bouncer that you are older, you are basically fooling the internet into thinking that you are in a different location. There are many different ways to secure your connection and to hide your IP address:

  • Use a VPN software – A virtual private network hides your IP address, but it also encrypts your internet traffic and allows you to use torrents safely. This software uses virtual IP addresses, and then it funnels all your internet traffic through a private network. VPNs are by far the best way to hide your IP address. They are easy-to-use and they deliver a quick connection.
  • Use a proxy – A proxy server works as a bridge in your traffic. Basically, it intercepts your traffic and controls your connection, by mirroring your behavior. This way, the websites that you connect to will think that the proxy is your traffic. Proxy servers can be found all over the world, so you can use them in order to mimic a different location. Proxy servers are cheaper than VPN networks, but they are also slower and slightly more complicated to use. 
  • Use TOR – TOR is a free client which consists of a network of servers operated by volunteers who assign you a new IP address, similarly to a VPN network. The TOR network is also known as the dark web, and within this network, you will find a lot of websites that can’t be accessed on normal browsers, due to their illegal nature. We don’t recommend using TOR unless you are sufficiently tech-savvy to know how to protect your device in any situation.


These are the top 3 most popular ways in which people hide their IP addresses. The VPN network is by far the best choice. It has a monthly fee, but it is worth the cost, as it delivers a great connection, and it protects your device from malware and viruses. Nonetheless, there are dozens of virtual private networks to choose from and to find the best one for your needs, you need to consider a few essential factors.


How to find the best VPN


  • Know your connectivity needs – If your main purpose is to watch your TV shows you will need a virtual private network with high speed and unlimited bandwidth. If you want to use the network for your entire household, choose one which uses routers, or one which allows for several simultaneous connections. 
  • Server locations – The best VPNs have hundreds if not thousands of servers located across the world, in order to deliver a high-speed connection to anyone in the world. So, make sure to choose a network with servers located in the places where you usually travel.
  • Security – a good network should have several security features that protect your device from malware and viruses. Many movie streaming websites are free but feature invasive commercials that can pose a risk to your device. 
  • Choose a device suitable for the websites that you want to use. Read some online reviews to make sure that you choose a network that can bypass the VPN block of different websites. For example, there are dozens of VPNs who simply can’t bypass the BBC iPlayer or Netflix, so make sure you choose wisely.


To sum up, VPSs are by far the most effective solution to watching your favorite shows when you leave the country, and they can also protect your computer from malware and hackers. There are other options available out there that might be cheaper, but they might not be worth the risk.

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