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Most Hilarious Horror Films Of All Time

Posted on November 21st, 2019

Horror movies are made for the scares. In fact, good horror movies should make you feel like you want to run for cover. This is because this genre has the most terrifying stories. From horrors like The Hills Have Eyes, which are nothing but bloody, to pure sharper ones like Get Out. These movies are supposed to leave us trembling with fear. However, once in a while, there comes a horror that leaves you rolling on the floor with laughter simply because they are silly, thereby, losing their intent. Here, we look at the most hilarious horror films of all time which you should definitely check out when you’re taking a break from your online baccarat real money UK gambling.



Although this 1984 release came with a few scary moments, it failed to live up to its genre. At the end of the day, it turned into a comedy. This was mainly due to the hilarious one-liners that were dropped bu Bill Murray.


Drag Me to Hell

The director of this movie is known to get people to scream and laugh at the same time and this 2009 release was no different. The story is centered around Christine. She denied giving an older woman a loan extension, trying to please her boss. What she doesn’t know is that the old woman is a witch. The old lady later puts a very gross curse on Christine and everything just becomes hilarious from then on. 


The Cabin in the Woods

This 2011 release, which was co-written by Joss Whedon introduces us to 5 friends. The five friends visit a cabin that is located remotely in the forest for a weekend getaway that includes online sports betting new zealand. Everything turns creepy when there appears to be an underground organization that is watching the 5 friends. In addition, every little thing that’s in the house is booby-trapped. There are many crazy characters in the film that do nothing but leave us amused rather than scared. 

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