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How to become a famous movie critic

Posted on March 6th, 2020

Are you new to film critique and are eager to get started? Good news, starting is less demanding in the modern era of digital media. The status of the movie critic has changed. The death of the old media outlets and the rise of digital media have been beneficial. Film criticism now allows you to express self-identity within a unique space. Thus, like-minded individuals can come together and share their thoughts about films. Platforms like social media, blogs, and websites (Rotten Tomatoes) are a game-changer. This shift translates to a better relationship between the critic and the audience. So, whether you are an amateur film buff or a professional critic, the playfield is level. You both have the same tools to become the best at what you do. We can only show you the way. Take a look.


Who is a movie critic

A movie critic assesses the quality of the various aspects of a film. They can evaluate the technical, non-technical elements of a movie or both. The former includes thematic, stylistic, or dramatic features. The latter comprises lighting, visual effects, sound, editing, among others. The technical aspects can be challenging for amateur reviewers. But, you can find help from a resume service of your choice. Get a critique that will present your individual and eccentric reactions to a film. Let your review focus on all formal techniques in the movie and thematic content. All you have to do is to ask for expert help.


Why are film critics important?

Everyone wants to watch a movie that will be worth their while. So, moviegoers look for reviews from critics. You are their guide. Also, renowned movie critics influence the quality of filmmaking. Duke Writing Studio experts say that critics are vital to the excellence of the industry. Their honest and informed opinions are essential to the creation of exciting movies. As a critic, you also can influence others. Your piece can shape the views of others and appeal to their empathetic side. 


Earn your bachelor’s degree

Pursuing a career as a film critic has no special requirements. But, earning a bachelor’s degree will put you at the top. Consider a course in any of these fields.

  • Journalism
  • Film studies
  • Film and Television
  • Creative writing
  • Languages like English, Spanish, Spanish, among others.


Furthering your education in these fields improves your analysis and writing. Open new opportunities to your career and match the caliber of a famous movie critic that you know. Start recognizing excellent production when you see it. You can always do more with your degree.


Become a Film Buff

According to Quora, a movie buff loves movies. As a start, begin with a genre you like. Then progress to others you haven’t watched before. In the end, you will come to love and enjoy all the film types. Sometimes, you have no control over the movies you love. But then, you still have to critique a film because your audience depends on you. Do not fret. Contact a writing service. Ask experts to write my essay for me and get quality content back. It is that easy. But if you love all genres, do more than you ought to do. Push yourself to watch movies from the decades before you were born. This approach improves your knowledge of various aspects of the industry. You also observe the trends and the progress that the filmmakers have made. 


Build Your Reputation

According to Kapsis, an artist’s reputation is tied to their chosen genre or medium. For example, in the early 20th Century, critics did not consider thriller films as “serious art.” Today, the reverse is true. If you started, don’t bother so much about the movie critic salary of renowned professionals. Focus on building your reputation first. Consider applying Alfred Hitchcock’s techniques. He was a genre director who was not reputable at the start. But, he has a great legacy today. He built his career through:

  • Self-promotion
  • Getting sponsorships from prominent people in the industry
  • Delivering quality content


Work hard

Whether you write reviews for fun or as a career, working hard is vital. You must keep adding new content to your blog, page, or website. Also, your focus should always be to deliver quality content. Take time to watch the movie and examine every aspect. Emphasize on the details and be honest with your opinions. New movie critics have a problem with consistency. Thus, they are always asking us how to become a movie critic with high ratings. It is simple. Put in the work and win your audience.


Watch a lot of movies

Get access to movie streaming services like Netflix, HBO, or Hulu. Still, these services are not enough. You need to go to film theatres like IMAX. You can also book tickets to movie festivals to interact with other film critics and understand their viewpoints. A fest will help grow your knowledge and analysis skills. When watching movies, focus on the aspects you want to cover. If viewing on IMAX, look at the technical elements like visual effects or sound. The reason is that such items cannot be evaluated well on Bluray or a DVD-release copy. But with the launch of IMAX Enhanced for homes, get all you need at home.


Analyze each film

The analyzing process is not as demanding as you may think. But, it can be challenging if you are reviewing several films. It means you have to watch all these movies and capture all the information you need to know. So, plan how you analyze. It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed. Ask for help from https://writemyessayforme.co.uk/ and get a perfect review. Expresses your impressions in an easy way. These experts are proficient in formal film techniques and thematic content. There is no doubt that they will craft a critique that informs your audience.

You now know what to do to get started. Some of our guidelines may work for you, while some may not. But, if you feel overwhelmed with writing, you can always find help. Also, you can keep up with the trends and make a video review. But your blog also needs fresh content that you should keep updating. The best way to learn how to critique is by reading the reviews of top movie critics. So, check newspapers and magazines to improve your skills.

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