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What to do in Las Vegas besides a lot of gambling

Posted on April 7th, 2020

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, hospitality, entertainment, and gorgeous nightlife. Gambling is mostly what the city is synonymous for and it can deter some people from coming to enjoy the other experiences the city has to offer. Here are some of the activities you can do in Las Vegas besides gambling.


Fremont Street

Streets like Fremont offer other amazing experiences you need to try apart from hitting one of the top real money casino in the area. If someone hears of Las Vegas Nevada, the first thing that comes to mind is the bright lights and casinos.

Viva Vision light shows

These are spectacular visuals that happen every night accompanied by a 550,000-watt which provides a spectacular display and street experience.

City’s first movie theater

In your tour of Fremont street, you can check out the city’s first movie theater, El Portal that is still standing to today. It was also the first building in Las Vegas to have air conditioning. It was however converted into a gift shop with an array of art and craft that you can check out.

Tallest Observation Tower in the US

Las Vegas boasts of having the tallest observation tower in the United States. This is the Stratosphere Tower that is an iconic building and provides a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the shimmering Las Vegas Strip and Valley. The numerous attractions, astonishing views, dining and rides such as the Sky Pod on top of the tower offer heart pounding and adrenaline rushing experiences that are unforgettable. Therefore, you can add this to your list of top things to do in Vegas with an amazing view of the city 350.2m (1149ft) off the ground.

Red Rock Canyon

If you are more of nature outdoor person, a trip to Red Rock Canyon is one of the things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. It is located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert and is known for its towering and red geological features such as red sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault. This is an incredible area to bike hike and climb and the visual experience is top-notch. It has a sheltered Ice Box Canyon with seasonal waterfalls and to the south, there is Spring Mountain Ranch State Park with amazing hiking trails and historical buildings.

Hoover Dam

Located 30 minutes south of Las Vegas Nevada the dam offers family-friendly and educational Las Vegas activities. The dam is an architectural marvel that shows the complexity and gives one an idea of how challenging it might have been to build it. There is no cost for seeing the dam however, you can play a fee to be accompanied for a tour of the visitor’s center. It is located in a desert area, and temperatures can soar up to 100%.  If you are looking for something educational and fun at the same time, then a visit to a hoover dam is recommended and you are advised to bring plenty of water with you.

Watch night show

The city is littered with night shows that cater to the entertainment desires of almost everyone that visits Las Vegas. Ranging from comedy shows, magic, illusionist, and music there is no better place to watch artists express themselves than in Vegas. The colorful lighting and amazing sounds create an unmatched night experience and entertainment for all individuals. Here are some of the shows that will give you an idea of what to do in Vegas.

Magic reinvented nightly

This is a show by Mat Franco the winner of the ninth installment of the Americas got Talent. His magic is mind-blowing and it always leaves audiences looking forward to his sleight-of-hand magic style and incorporation of slight humor.

The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas

If you are fascinated by aquatic environments, the Wynn Las Vegas provides exactly this with their show Le Rêve. The aqua theatre is beautiful and the performers blend well to create a mesmerizing show you should consider for fun things to do in Vegas. Amazing costumes, music, and choreography are incorporated into these acts and the outcome is visuals that you can only find in a dream.

Terry Fator

Considered one of the best illusionists, you may walk in the Mirage expecting a magic show. However, he provides the audience with a show completely different as he is also a fantastic impressionist. He is sure going to amaze you with his tight-lipped performance and his ability to bring the puppet characters to life. 

Death Valley

Your trip to Las Vegas cannot compete without exploring the Death Valley National Park. Famous for its unbearable temperatures., the landscape still presents gorgeous features such as the colorful canyons and Bad Water Basin. It is advisable to visit the area during spring as the temperatures are bearable if you wish to experience the remarkable desert landscapes.


The city of Las Vegas is a sight to behold and provide experiences that outgoing people should take advantage of. There is everything for everyone and entertainment that is worth every penny you will spend. However, as you indulge yourself in the endless entertainment of the city, remember to be responsible.

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