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The Best Family Movies

Posted on October 19th, 2022

We’ve rounded up the best family movies that are available to rent or stream on various streaming services. They’re all great for any occasion, and whether you’re looking for a comedy or a drama, these movies will undoubtedly keep the whole family entertained as it is done with Bizzo Casino promotions.

A Bug’s Life

Parents should know that a Bug’s Life has plenty of “good bug-bad bug” moments, and some of the images incorporated in them are fearful for children even if they are not used to being scared. Not saying about susceptible children who will be terrified with a wide range of unsettling images. For example, the scene when a menacing grasshopper attacks a colony of ants.

The movie features a variety of insects that are capable of facing off against various types of threats, such as fire, rain, and birds. Older children will also relish the humor and the unusual perspective of the insect world.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

The movie is a classic that’s full of fun and entertaining moments, such as how a dog and a barn cat become friends. It’s also a great story about a dog and a cat who are willing to do whatever it takes to help one another survive. Unfortunately, the film has been criticized for including several animals in dangerous situations for the movie’s plot.

Although the movie is not a documentary, it shows how cats and dogs deal with wild and farm animals. There are some frightening moments, especially when the two animals must face off against various types of threats, such as predatory bears and birds. Milo even jumps off a cliff in one of the scenes.

Although the film features the birth of several animals, it doesn’t go too far in terms of graphic content. The story of the friendship between Milo and Otis is a great one that’s full of unconditional love.

Finding Nemo

Even though there are no bad guys in the movie, there are still some frightening moments. Some of these incorporate the death of the main character, huge creatures with large teeth, and stressful scenes with characters in danger. At the onset of the film, a predator kills the entire family, including the wife and all of their eggs. This scene could be extremely unsettling to children.

The film features a huge variety of messages about teamwork and determination, and it is also full of comical aspects. Wait for a little salty language throughout the story, especially when it refers to the relationship between the father and his son.

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