PLANET ANT THEATRE is making a CALL FOR ENTRIES for the third annual PLANET ANT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL. The 2005 Festival will take place in June 16th through June 19th at multiple high-profile venues in Detroit.

The 2005 PLANET ANT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL is a celebration of independent movies and the people who make them. We would like the program to cover the range of videos and films being created by local and international artists from professionals to students. We encourage Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Animation and Music Video shorts as well as Features.

This is a festival for independent filmmakers by independent filmmakers. Our goal is to provide you a big screen to show your work on and a gathering place for a free exchange of ideas!

Download a copy of the submission form and view schedule and program updates at our website:

Submissions must be received by Saturday, May 14th.

Nate DuFort
Planet Ant Film & Video Festival Director
2357 Caniff Ave.
Hamtramck, MI 48212
Phone: 313-365-4948
fax: 313-365-4956