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Thread: Prey Alone

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    Prey Alone

    Prey Alone, a 15-minute live-action short directed by Stephen St. Leger & James Mather. Shot entirely against green screen, the short film sports 350 visual effects shots, all independantly produced by a few guys from Ireland.

    It is quite inspiring how a small group of people could've achieved such high-level of production quality.

    Official Website (includes Making Of)

    Trailer (Direct Link, 01:11, 4.7 MB)

    Short Film (Direct Link, 15:00, High Resolution, 206 MB)

    Short Film (Direct Link, 15:00, Low Resolution, 77 MB)

    Website of the Lead 3D Animator & Compositor, Jonathan Ridge

    Interview with Jonathan Ridge
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    I just finished saw it, completely awesome! :big grin:

    Why don't we just finish the job by flushing our brains down the toilet?

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