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    Kevin Smith retaliates - concerning his Sith review

    Well I'm fairly new to these forums....I've been a long time lurker and finally decided to register when that Sith trailer was released here first. So first of all hello everyone.

    I was lurking rottentomatoes website and came across peoples reaction to Kevin Smith's review of Sith. A lot of negative responses came about. And to everyones surprise Kevin Smith himself showed up and started posting. At first I didn't believe it was him...but a quick visit to his viewaskew website indicated that he was indeed on the prowl.

    This is from his viewaskew site (the news) section;

    Kevin's early look at the final Star Wars prequel has set the net aflutter, making the rounds at such popular locales as Aint It Cool News and Slashdot. Now, the discussion forums at well-known film review site "Rotten Tomatoes" has come alive, as folks posted the review, started to have their own Kevin discussion, only to be railroaded when Kevin himself came on board to lay down the smack to all the posters who thought he wasn't watching.
    And following this post is some of the more interesting and humourous posts by Smith from rottentomatoes.
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    Let me note first of all that this isn't my debate with Kevin Smith. I'm not registered on rottentomates and don't really want to. But I do lurk there from time to time. I don't know who these people were that were having a go at Smith...but i found it to be a pretty funny conversation once Smith showed up.

    And from Kevin Smith's own words...or writing to be more exact.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Raziel
    A couple of things....
    1) Kevin Smith's review of EPIII can only be regarded as biased.
    This is true. While it should probably go without saying, yes - my take on "Sith" is tainted by the fact that I like all the "Star Wars" films.

    Quote: He has gushed over EPI and EPII in the past and we know what happened with those films.
    We do: those films were liked by some and not liked by others. This represented a development heretofore never recorded in over 100 years of cinema history.

    Quote: And aside from his zealot like devotion to the franchise, Kevin Smith has pretty poor taste in films.
    I can't argue with this, as taste in film (and everything else in life) is pretty subjective. Yes, I've liked some pretty crappy flicks ("The Cutting Edge" is in my top 200). However, if this helps anyone get a better idea of the stuff I'm into, my top five favorite films of all time (in no particular order) are "Jaws", "JFK", "A Man for All Seasons", "Do the Right Thing", and "The Last Temptation of Christ". The next three would be "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Citizen Kane", "Jerry Maguire". I'm still trying to figure out the last two to round off my top ten. Curiously, there are no "Star Wars" films in what is, thus far, the top eight.

    Quote: The man hasnt been able to create a decent film in years.
    Also extremely subjective. That part about me being a man, I mean.

    However, some (like me) could debate the poster's take on whether or not I've made a decent film "in years" or not. While the poster may not harbor any affection for my recent body of work, I can point him to a website full of people who'd disagree with him, or critics (both in print and on the web) who'd follow suit. In truth, it's probably more likely that the poster - a one Raziel, which I'm assuming is a 'net handle, because said poster feels the need to shield his secret identity from enemies who'd seek to do his loved ones harm - hasn't made a decent film (or any film, for that matter) in years, while I (like every filmmaker who's come before me and every filmmaker who'll come after me) have made films that have been considered to be **** by some and decent by others.

    Quote: His films combined have lost more money than they have grossed.
    This is where the poster reveals him or herself (oh, **** it - it's gotta be a guy; no woman could be this petty and sad) to be full of ****, because this statement is patently untrue.

    Cost: $27,575, Theatrical Gross: $3.1 million, VHS (DVD figures not available): $6.169 mill

    Cost: $6 million, Theatrical Gross: $2.1 million, DVD: Universal declines to issue figures, but Colleen Benn at Universal Home Video says, very coyly "Let's put it this way; we're doing a second version of the DVD. We only do that with titles that sell a lot. 'Fast Times', 'Animal House', 'Jaws', now 'Mallrats'."

    "Chasing Amy:
    Cost: $250,000, Theatrical Gross: $12 million, DVD: $12 million

    Cost: $10 million, Theatrical Gross: $30 million, DVD: Col/Tri declines to give financial figures, but Michael Stradford informs me that they shipped 800,000 of the standard edition of the DVD, and over 300,000 of the Special Edition, one year later.

    "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
    Cost: $20 million, Theatrical Gross: $30 million, DVD: $38.5 million

    "Jersey Girl"
    Cost: $35 million, Theatrical Gross: $25 million, DVD: Financials not available, but Miramax Home Video head Shannon McIntosh informs me that we shipped over half a million units in the first week.

    Even when you factor in P&A and marketing costs, it doesn't require (good) Will Hunting to do the math and see that the poster's statement that my films have "lost more money than they have grossed" is an ignorant crock of sh*t.

    Quote: Smith is also rumored to be be involved in the upcoming SW TV series project. DO you honestly think he would jeopardize his involvement with this by posting a bad or medoicre review of EPIII??? I dont think so.
    Perhaps. Or before Fox Mulder here works himself into a frenzy with his conspiracy theory, might I suggest that if I, indeed, didn't like the flick, that I simply wouldn't have posted about seeing it in the first place.

    See, in my world, if I don't like something, I try not to call attention to it. If I feel something sucks, I don't waste my time writing about it, unless I'm getting paid to state my opinion on the subject, or unless I'm asked about my take on it specifically (as with the "Magnolia" incident on my website, eons ago). The way-cool named Raziel holds forth on the subject of me and my flicks (even though, as he'd lead you to believe, he's not a fan) and as far as I know, nobody asked him his opinion, and he's not getting paid to offer it. This leads me to believe that Raziel - bad-*** name that, no-doubt, impresses chicks nothwithstanding - has a lot of free time on his hands; free time that would be better spent producing something rather than attempting to belittle those who do produce, or, say, chasing p*ssy. But no - here he sits, poo-pooing this film or that, as time marches on, bringing him ever closer to the grave and a legacy of invective-layered posts on a website.

    Quote: Smith is not a good candidate to use as a borometer for this film.
    True enough - just as Raziel is not a good candidate for master speller (bator? yes; speller? No).

    Quote: I'd wait until an unbiased review is posted...
    Wait for what, exactly, I find myself wondering?

    Quote: Or even better, watch the movie yourself and create your own opinion.
    Finally, a glimmer of intelligence from our hero.

    Quote: Also, as pointed out by someone else, what the hell is up with all the "Darkness" crap??
    "This is going to be the darkest SW yet!", The ones darker than the last one!"....What is this???
    Who cares if it's darker or not. Does "darkness" guarantee a quality film??? NO
    And yet, nobody maintained that "darkness" guaranteed a quality film. Raziel responds to an idea that nobody put forward, apparently falling into debate with himself.

    Again, folks - I can't make anyone love me or the movies I've made (and will continue to make, long after the fire in the belly of the twelve year old Raziel subsides). However, I can correct misinformation like Raziel's loopy and uninformed take on the box office of the films I've made. Even though some would consider it a waste of my time, I've always felt that if I can't spare a few minutes to show up the jackasses in life, I'm not living to my fullest potential.


    Kevin Smith

    For when Raziel's like "That wasn't Kevin Smith..."
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    And here's a little more;

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cult Icon
    Oooh, feisty! I just didn't want to join the legions of ***-kissers here. Is that so wrong?

    And in your haste to not join one legion, you fell in with the other half. At least the kindly posters are somewhat original and rare for the internet. Now you sound like... well, all the other unhappy people.

    Nevertheless, I'm comforted to see that, even here, water will still find its level.

    Quote: You can't take a little ribbing? Aaaw.
    I believe the "You can't take a little ribbing? Aaaw..." defense is the quick and easy refuge of the person who, themselves, can't take a little ribbing. I say this, dear madam, because I was not the one who so desperately wanted to duck a mild parry of cyber roasting by attempting to convince a stranger that she was of the distaff gender - a practice I'm sure you're accustomed to reflexively engaging in off the web as well.

    But, for what it's worth, I can take a lot of ribbing. I did, after all, make "Jersey Girl".

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cult Icon
    Oh, and admit it. You can't take it!

    Madam, you're no Kubrick's Double. And if that massive chunk of overcompensation didn't get me down, what hope has your post?

    Quote: You can dish it out, but you just cannot take it. I'm not unhappy at all. I was just feeling spunky. It looks like a really hurt your feelings.
    If that's how it looks, then your view is as challenged as you yourself seem to be.

    Quote: You make me feel that know, like when you see a little dog stranded in the rain. He snaps and barks at everone who passes him, unless they offer food.

    I don't know that particular feeling, but I know the one in which the troll begs for feeding. I usually give 'em three bites at the apple before moving on. Chew thoroughly now, 'cause that's all you're gonna get.

    Quote: I haven't slept in 29 hours, by the way.
    Ah - that would explain your dull wit.

    Well, wait - no it wouldn't. No excuses young lady-boy.

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    And finally....these are the last I will post from that website forum. He wrote more but these were the interesting and funny bits to me.

    Originally Posted by Kubrick's Double
    Quote: While you - Kevin Smith - have more money than I will ever dream of, I am not Kevin Smith. So automatically, you are far more hated than I will ever be.
    And far more loved.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Atomic Cow
    My problem with the review is I didn't hear what I needed to hear to get me excited.

    For the record, I didn't write about "Sith" to persuade people to check the flick out (because, let's not kid ourselves: most of the people on the web don't need to be sold on it; they'll be seeing it regardless, whether theatrically or on DVD). That "review" was just a small portion of my daily online diary. But it got linked all over the 'net, and our website got hit so hard from all the traffic, that the "Sith" text was put onto its own page, so our message boards could function somewhat normally again.

    What's weird to me, however, is how out-of-sorts some folks got about me writing about liking the flick - as if I had no right to do so, and no simple credibility afforded any other movie fan to express my enjoyment of a film I saw. I mean, I've had a website for a decade now, and I've spent a lot of time on the 'net, but even I was stunned by the rancor and anonymous hostility toward what was, in essence, me writing "Hey, I saw a movie I really dug."

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kubrick's Double
    It's hard to love someone you don't know isn't it? It's even harder to hate them.
    So, how does it feel to be hated by many?

    I don't know, sir. You never really hear from the people who actually hate you; you only hear from the attention-seeking vocal minority who are mad you are where they'd like to be. And that's not real hatred. Because nobody with true enmity for somebody they've never met (enmity derived from a lack of similar tastes in movies, no less) wastes their time talking about (or, in this case, to) that person. Most folks just ignore the people they don't like, instead of trying to impress them with their grasp of the English language.

    Quote: Have you formed a God complex by being loved by even more?

    Not really - but "being loved by even more" certainly dulls the din of the mewling few who'd have you believe their opinion is somehow more valid.

    Quote: Guess so. And there's only one great mind here.
    He didn't direct Jersey Girl.

    I hope you really feel that way, sir - I honestly do. I'll feel better knowing someone appreciates you - even if it's you appreciating yourself. Because when our exchange is over, I get to go back to a life where I reach millions and make them laugh and feel good, while you have to go back to anonymity.

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    everybody is entitled to their own opinion, while there are very bad movies which are mostly agreed to bad by most people, and also the truth can be said for good movies..... why oh why do people always think their opinion and their voice and their "movie taste" is all that matters.. and the rest... "sucks" .....

    same goes with this topic.... EP3 is not yet out and its also not the only movie out there....

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