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    Exclamation the Island Review

    the Island is set in the future, in the year 2019, where the Earth has been contaminated (by what it has never been explained) and the only safe place to live is a contained habitat where humans are monitored from birth through death.

    the habitat is like an ant colony, everyone has a specific job and position in it; high tech computers monitors every person's life from screening urine for levels of sodium while a person is in the restroom to prescribing a person's diet to controlling how close a male and female human could come within each other.

    this society also uses its human subjects for medical science to make sure everyone is healthy and perfect.

    several times a day, a lottery is held and a few lucky members of this city are chosen to go to THE ISLAND, the last place on earth that is not contaminated.

    the main characters are Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansson as two of this futuristic society's subject and Sean Bean as the director of this society.

    the premise and the question, which if I said more is to give the rest of the movie away, are interesting but this is where the movie falters.

    the movie, instead of following through with the premise and carrying the issues it raised further, turns into one big chase movie when McGregor and Johansson's character escape from this futuristic city.

    being a Michael Bay film, we are subjected to illogical plot lines, loud stunt sequences including one where no one should had survived, thin characters and a predictable ending.

    the only part of this movie worth mentioning is Steve Buscemi in a minor supporting role which provided a bit of a comic relief and McGregor and Johansson do a decent job with their role considering the window dressing characters they are given.

    btw - the product placement in this movie is terrible; is I wanted to see product commercials, I stay home and get it free on my TV

    therefore, here's my rating (out of 10):

    6 - Standard Summer movie if you just want action (but not much of it, 2 overlong chase sequences with cool stunts) and a movie that doesn't requires too much celebral thinking from its audience, this film is for you.

    if you want something more, go see War of the Worlds again or pray for something better to come along before the end of the Summer movie season in Late August!!
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