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    North Country (Charlize Theron)

    From Yahoo:

    Quicktime trailer, hi-res, 33.52MB:

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    Am I crazy, or is this a high-quality encoding job from Yahoo?

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    Thumbs up North Country

    North Country Trailer

    North Country is a movie inspired by events about the first successful sexual harassment case in the United States. Award winning actress Charlize Theron plays Josey Aimes, a woman who suffers through abuse while working at a male dominated mine.

    Left to support two children after a failed marriage, Josey Aimes accepts a job at an iron mine, against her father's will. The male employees do all but embrace their female colleagues and agree that the mine is no place for a woman. When Josey takes a stand for herself and the other woman working at the mine, she endures a great deal of strife as she pursues a legal battle that proves itself worth the sacrifice.

    The film jumps right into the sequence of events unfolding the first ever successful sexual harassment lawsuit and before you know it, two hours have lapsed. North Country does a solid job at educating its viewers but at times falls short of doing it in an interesting manner. Beware that the sexual assault scenes are very graphic and can be a bit disturbing to those who may be sensitive to this issue. Overall, North Country accurately showcases an area of harassment that is often overlooked and addresses it in a very matter-of-fact way. In my opinion, anything that educates mankind is definitely worth seeing!

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