The Crime of Father Amaro (2002)
Crimen del padre Amaro, El (2002)

Tagline: One of the most controversial films ever made

Release Date: Fall, 2002
Studio: IDP Distribution
Director: Carlos Carrera
Screenwriter: Vicente Leñero
Starring: Gael García Bernal, Ana Claudia Talancón, Sancho Gracia, Angélica Aragón, Damián Alcázar, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Andrés Montiel, Luisa Huertas, Lorenzo de Rodas, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Gastón Melo, Roger Nevares, Martha Posternak
Genre: Drama

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Plot Summary: Young Amaro (Bernal), a recently ordained [priest] [sic] goes to Los Reyes to help Father Benito (Gracia), with the duties of the temple. In the town, father Amaro meets Amelia (Talancón), a beautiful, young and sensual 16-year-old-girl, with whom he'll end up falling in love. Before, he finds out that Father Benito has a long time affair with Sanjuanera (Aragón), who happens to be Amelia's mother. Father Amaro doesn't just discover the secret love life of Father Benito, he also finds out about more serious problems: apparently Father Benito receives financial help from Chato Aguilar, the most important drug lord of the region. Also, another priest from the diocese, Father Natalio (Alcázar), is suspected of helping and encouraging a guerrilla. These "secrets" are revealed in a newspaper article written by Ruben (Montiel), who used to be Amelia's boyfriend, and now resents Amaro. A huge scandal is unleashed. But the diocese, with Father Amaro's aid, manages to contain it, by making the newspaper publish a refusal.
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