Yesterday I downloaded tons of files from Forum Exclusives, from the last page to the tenth one (is it possible that only there is 180 of them, 5,5G?!WOW! nice jobs ml encoders! and thats only the first half, now I only need them to work, because -). All of them are .mov, as you guys know. but what happened - most of them doesnt work!
I use QT Alt (ver. 1.63, MPC, QT v7.03 codec) and it says:
"Failed to render the file"
Is it possible, or not, that its only a settings problem? Or have the files been interrupted while downloading (Using DAP)? Dont know. Maybe its the problem of alternative player?
Please! Help! Please!
I wouldnt say anything, if it would be problem in only few files, but its a half, maybe more! And thats lots of GB downloaded and I have 20G month limit, so theres not enought space considering the fact, that I downloaded lots of "other" files and new HDs, which is ┤bout 4G again...and ═┤m not the only user of our net connection, there are three more computers in our family!
Any Idea?
Here are some examples of files, that doesnt work to me

and theres more and more and more!