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    Talking The New James Bond Girl !!

    Australian Actress Rose Byrne has been cast as the latest Girl in the role of Vesper Lynd in the new James Bond Movie, 'Casino Royale' currently in pre-production.

    Date of Birth: July 24, 1979
    Age Now: 26
    Place of Birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Height: 5'8"

    The 26 year old actress is well known on BBC on the TV Drama 'Casanova' and she was recently seen as Trojan priestess Briseis in the 2004 epic 'Troy', where she had a series of steamy love scenes with Brad Pitt and in the little known love drama 'Wicker Park'.

    Rose Byrne in 'Troy'

    She also had a minor role as one of Princess Padme's handmaidens, Dorme in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

    Byrne has beaten out other hopeful actresses for this coveted Bond Girl film role such as

    Angelina Jolie (who turned the role down because of her recent pregnancy),

    Charlize Theron (wanted too much money)

    and Rachael Stirling (LEFT) - daughter of Diana Rigg (RIGHT)(who was Bond Girl Tracy in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

    Casino Royale was Ian Fleming's first James Bond Novel, originally published in 1953.

    In it, Bond is sent out on his very first 'Licence To Kill' Mission; he has been provided with an assistant from MI6, the beautiful but emotionally turbulent Russian Born Vesper Lynd, who becomes his lover but she is holding a terrible secret from Bond.

    'Casino Royale', starring Daniel Craig in his first appearance as James Bond (he replaced Brosnan who was released from the role after four films) begans shooting at the end of the month and is scheduled to for release this November.

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    i read the exact same thing in the paper. Shooting begins and movie comes out end of the year. Thats very quick work!!
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    Hey... where was the signup sheet? Damn it. Missed my chance again!!!

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    im so pumped.. i love rose byrne.. she is sooo much better suited than all those other options... i dont think angelina is attractive at all.. so i would not have liked her to be a bond girl... :S

    i just hope they dont try to make her "smart"... i dont want a bond girl that is more street smart than bond... but at the same time i dont want a bimbo...

    i want a bond girl that is intelligent, and powerfull... but maybe has lost a bit of her confidence, and needs to be saved... (but still wont get herself caught up in some contrived trap the villain leaves for bond)...

    if there is one thing i hate, its the old "bond girl, needs rescuing storyline"...
    the girlfriend of clive owen in sin city is sorta the street smarts that i want her to have, but at the same time she needed the stronger male to help her out...

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    nice choice! melikes a lot...

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    I've heard, that Scarlett Johansson also turned the role down. Why? Maybe sha was scared the "James Bond Girl Curse"?

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