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    Thoughts on Rent

    I Just saw Rent, and I liked it. Some problems i found though was;

    It was too long. It didn't get boring, but felt like it didn't ad anything new after the New years party.

    Some of the songs in the begining felt very forced, the lyrics and music didn't match.

    And Maureens "protest" was a Rating lowerer.

    However, as a whole it was very nice. An Excellent cast for most parts. Rosario Dawson (Mimi) & Anthony Rapp (Mark) was best, but all around a good performance.

    I never saw the musical, and I have a feeling its best that way, since remakes in any form tends too be found wanting.

    I understood it did't make much $ which is a shame.

    Anyhow, what did u think? Like it? Not?
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    I didn't like it. First off, I can enjoy a musical... I wasn't exactly excited about seeing this but I was interested due to all the buzz surrounding it. I have a couple main issues - Both the music itself and the lyrics were far from great. There's only one or two catchy songs (at most), and so many of the lyrics sounded very forced and unnatural. This brings me to another point... during the musical numbers, the plot went nowhere. I understand many musicals are like this, but when you're not working with really REALLY good songs and fantastical dance numbers, you need to have the music moving the plot along. But, that didn't happen... it just came to a complete standstill everytime someone started singing, which is why the movie felt so long and bloated. Another issue - the scene in the canyon. Come on, that looked like a bad country music video, I was almost laughing in the theater. Finally, the whole plot annoyed me. Boo hoo we all have AIDS and we're going to run around and sing about being broke instead of using that time to find a job. Please.

    I wouldn't recommend this to someone who hasn't seen the musical... even though people who've seen the original might have different problems with it, at least they already like the music and/or plot.



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