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    Batman Beyond and related Discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by WorkShed
    Because Batman isn't a killer. That's why he was saddened by the death. The original death works much better in the grand scheme. The Rated cut is the copout.

    It's very obvious.
    Yes Batman at his core isn't a killer but that doesn't mean he hasn't killed people. Superman isn't a killer either but he has killed as well. Batman killing the Joker himself would have and could have had a great impact on the Batman Beyond series like Terry asked "He did something so terrable you had to kill him" it could have been used as one of the reasons Bruce gave up being Batman and became the hateful old man in Batman Beyond. It could have been used as his one great regret, his greatest sin leading to the giving up of the mantle of the Bat. In the first episode of Batman Beyond while wearing the "Beyond Suit" as I call it Bruce takes that heart attack and was going to shoot that that guy with the gun, but he didn't because Batman doesn't kill and it could have weighed on him his killing the Joker. True he lost his parents in a mugging by Joe Chill who shot his parents that is why he doesn't condone the use of guns or weapons of that sort even in "Worlds Finest" when he is talking to Luthor about the robots they are building Luthor wants to arm them with weapons and Bruce says no and the reason that he gives Luthor is "because I don't like guns" and that is all well and good but I think Batman killing the joker could have had a greater impact on the series it could have gave the message that Batman finally took the one step over the line and then pulled back and became that old man locked way in Wayne Manor fearing that Batman will do more harm then good now that he has steped over that line. Sure the whole thing where Robin kills Joker and comes back using Tim Drake is all fine and good and works for the movie but I was looking at it as the entire "Batman series" as a whole which includes Batman:TAS, Batman: Gotham Knights (AKA The New Batman Adventures), Batman Beyond and Justice League/JLU. Now if you take all of it in to consideration it does make some sense that Batman killing the Joker would work in the over all story but the Robin thing works for the movie's story.
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