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    Rumors on the net - Iran related...

    In other forums I am finding very strange comments and rumors. That rumors say that the situation we are living now in the world (war on Iraq, the planning of attacks against Iran) are framed in a major plan that consists in establish a global force to give the United States full power against all other countries.

    The reason to do this is that the U.S. economy is in the edge of bankruptcy.

    The rumors says that there are a series of measures to be taken in the next days, to obtain global domination before that situation gets its critical point.

    The rumors also says that the reason for invading Irak (and now Iran) was the desire of Hussein of authorize countries to pay for oil in euros instead of U.S. dollars, a thing that would affect American economy. It seems that now Iran wants to do the same thing.

    It seems to me that this maybe is exageration or conspiracy theories, but since I don't have too much economic knowledge I want to ask you what do you think about.

    Here are the links that are at the center of those rumors, as far as I have found:

    - The Next 90 Days Could Bring Nuclear War And A U.S. Financial Collapse
    - The Plan 2000
    - The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse, from

    On the past weeks I saw an American man talking on TV here in Venezuela about President Bush's desires to declare Martial Law, but since he was talking in the government's TV channel, I didn't want to hear him (we have a problematic government here now).

    Now I'm finding those comments in internet that not seem to be serious. If the world would be in a better situation I would give bit attention to this, but you know that's not the case.

    Important note: I have asked permission to publish this to Jean-Pierre Bazinet and he gave me authorization. I want to clarify this because while I was writing this Jean-Pierre closed the other thread about Iran. So, you know that this one was authorized by him. Thank you all for your attention

    Edit: Another thing that call my attention is this:

    Iraqi Army was ranked 5th in the world given its number of tanks, fighters, bombers and men.

    Yugoslavian Army was ranked 7th in the world on the same base.

    In both cases, after well known episodes in recent history, those armies were degraded in that rank due to the loss of equipment and operativity.

    When the United States were on its campaign on Kosovo, one bomb accidentally was droped on the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia.

    When the United States were in a mission in Irak, I believe after Hussein's fall, a Tomahawk missile impacted on Turkey's ground, apparently by accident.

    Some years ago, in the 90s, a Norwegian missile for atmospheric studies, apparently by accident, turned aside of its course and caused an instant alarm in Russia's defensive system and even president Yeltsin appeared on TV with his nuclear briefcase, a device that can allow him to activate armed systems for an counter-attack in the case of nuclear agression against Russia.

    After I have created the thread, I remember all this. Curiosly, this seems to match with what I'm saying here.

    Also curious: In the armies' lists available on wikipedia you can find this:

    - In the list of countries by military expenditures, Iran appears at the 25th position with an investment of 4,300,000,000 US$ in its armed forces in 2003 (In Iran ranks 13 in a similar list, due to its US$ 9.7 billion destined to the armed forces in 2000)

    - In the list of countries by active troops, Iran appears in the 6th position with 755,000 troops

    - And in the list of countries by size of armed forces, Iran is in position 8th

    So, in the context of this theories, Iran maybe in the same position as Iraq and Yugoslavia in the past.

    Here are the lists, all from wikipedia:

    - List of countries by military expenditures
    - List of countries by number of active troops
    - List of countries by size of armed forces

    One reflection: Commenting in another forum about the movie Thirteen Days, I get this:

    (source, data)

    I remember that Hitler, in Mein Kampf, said something about the imperial desires of Russia, England and the United States. He spoke in a way that may suggest this scenario: "What I will do if all my other neighbors are getting high concentrations of power by means that maybe I can use and, if I don't, then they will have strong power and if in the future I have problems with them, then, what will I do?"

    Also, once someone told me that Japan was in the same situation as Germany, looking how the United States had bases for its armed forces through the Pacific. Remember that Japan is a country that have fought against the influences from another countries because Japan knows his own capacity and is happy with its culture and liberty.

    What I want to say is that the tremendous power of the United States can provoke extreme reactions in another countries, as I have just exposed before, because those other countries can have fear of what its destiny would be under slavery. I'm not trying to defend anything, I'm only studing possibilities.

    Can this be the actual situation of Iran?

    On the other hand, what are the fears of the United States...?
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