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    Lindsay Lohan is wearing a bikini again!!

    ok, i liked here in Parent Trap, and also enjoyed her in MEAN GIRLS... she actually looks nice, meaty :-)

    but damn.. WTF happened to her?

    the reason? ... maybe this
    it says that test screenings say that parents ... or conservative people in america find the new HERBIE film to have to much meat... lol... damn
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    j7wild Guest

    Question What in the world is Lindsay Lohan doing?!?

    Is she drunk or on drugs or what the heck?!?

    She looks like she is panhandling or something!!

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    j7wild Guest

    Cool Here's indisputable evidence that Lindsay Lohan owns a Bikini Store !!

    These were taken 2 days ago on Lindsay Lohan's 20th Birthday;

    looks like she had fun (can you say 'Plastered')!!

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    j7wild Guest

    Cool More Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures anyone?!?

    Lindsay must own a Bikini store!!

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    j7wild Guest

    Exclamation Here's indisputable evidence that Lindsay Lohan owns a Bikini Store !!

    Complete Images Zip Files (72.8 MB):

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    j7wild Guest
    I'm shocked and speechless:

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    j7wild Guest
    I'm shocked again; 2nd day in a row the Paparazzi took photographs of Lindsay wearing anything other than Bikinis!!

    news flash:

    In her never-ending quest to be as unprofessional as possible, Lindsay Lohan has outdone herself. Having your bosses call you a lazy liar was one thing, but now, Lindsay has been dropped completely from her UK record label after she failed to do any promotion for her album in Britain, reports The Sun.

    The party animal's pop career is over in Britain because record company bosses got so sick of her lazy attitude that they gave her the bullet.

    Bigwigs at Island Records were furious after spending a fortune recording an album with her last year — only to find she couldn't be bothered to promote it.

    An industry source said: "A single was a huge flop over here because Lindsay couldn't be bothered to get off her bum and promote it. In the end they didn't even bother releasing the album, called Speak, in Britain.

    "She didn't bother to come over to the UK to do interviews or make TV appearances to help sell the album.

    Island have now decided not to do another one with her."

    The single she did release was appropriately named Over, which is what will happen to Lindsay’s career if she doesn't clean up her act soon.

    Well, at least Lindsay is committed to doing something right. It's just too bad that she's chosen career suicide as her main goal in life.

    The way things are going, Lindsay will be broke, destitute, and without a new daily bikini soon enough. And that's the real problem here, because what is a day at Movie-List forum without Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures?

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

    Here's some older photographs of Lindsay from 2004!!

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    j7wild Guest


    She doesn't seem to be shopping for a new Bikini!!

    We are not going to have any more new Bikini Photos of Lindsay?

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    j7wild Guest

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

    Older and Random Lindsay Images!!

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

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    j7wild Guest

    Red face

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